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Egypt's national defence council calls for dialogue
Egypt's National Defence Council, headed by President Mohamed Mursi, on Saturday condemned street violence and called for national dialogue to resolve political differences, the information minister said after the council met.   Read More
Violence kills 22 in Egypt after court ruling-TV
Twenty-two people were killed on Saturday in violence that erupted in Port Said, northeast of Egypt's capital, after protesters took to the street angry that people from their city had be blamed for a soccer disaster.   Read More
Egypt's Suez canal unaffected by unrest - Official
"Shipping movement through the Suez Canal is regular and is going ahead positively," canal spokesman Tarek Hassanein told Reuters, adding 44 ships had entered the canal so far on Saturday.   Read More
Mursi cancels visit to Ethiopia due to domestic turmoil - agency
President Mohamed Mursi on Saturday cancelled a visit to Ethiopia that was scheduled for today due to the circumstances Egypt is going through, Anadolu Agency reported.   Read More
Update: 21 defendants receive death penalty in football massacre trial
Port Said Criminal Court on Saturday sentenced to death 21 defendants accused of involvement in killing 74 people during riots that followed a football match in Port Said last February.   Read More
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Israeli vote is least of neighbour's worries
"Arabs are paying little attention to an election destined only to shift Israel further to the right," says a professor of political science at Cairo University.   Read More

Second Anniversary: On “Defending” or "Protecting” the 25th of January Revolution
What does it actually mean to “defend” a revolution? And, within the Egyptian context, what does it mean to defend the 25th of January revolution? Are claims of defending the revolution anything more than rhetorical sound bites?   Read More

First elected democratic regime, a lie?
Military rule did not end as long as they still dominate the country's economy , as long as they still hold trials of civilians before their own courts, as long as the constitution guarantees their immunity from accountability.   Read More

Brotherhood running the country like a supermarket: Sonallah Ibrahim
"A complete revolution needs patience... The Muslim Brotherhood's economic thought does not exceed the work of running a supermarket," renowned leftist author and political activist Sonallah Ibrahim in an Interview with Aswat Masriya.   Read More

O Mubarak, where art thou?
In light of the current events and political scene in Egypt, a colleague has gotten used to teasing me every morning by jokingly greeting me saying, "O Mubarak, where art thou!" where I respond by threatening to report or hit him.   Read More

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