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Source: Baghdad ISX
Tue / 29 January 2013
27/01/2013 22:07:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jafari, said, "We are support demonstrating and our peoples' legitimate demands." A statement on Sunday, Jan. 27, quoted Jafari in his speech before the International Conference of Islam   ... more>>
27/01/2013 16:51:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the state of law coalition, Yassin Majeed described Turkey that it has become an enemy of Iraq not a friend. He reiterated at a news conference today 27, Jan his call to the Iraqi government and the Foreign Ministry to   ... more>>
BAGHDAD / NINA / The spokesman of the Iraqiya coalition, Maysoon al-Damaluji said: " Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki starts losing his understanding to what the national consensus means and he continues violating the constitution." She said in a sta   ... more>>
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Photo Gallery
28/01/2013 22:40:00
Second neighborhood mayor wounded in in Kirkuk
28/01/2013 21:45:00
Civilian, child killed in Mosul
28/01/2013 21:06:00
3 Wanted captured north of Tikrit
28/01/2013 20:50:00
Abbawi, UNHCR representative discuss helping Syrian refugees
28/01/2013 20:43:00
Soldier killed, another wounded in Tikrit
28/01/2013 19:59:00
3 Wanted arrested north of Hilla
28/01/2013 19:53:00
Neighborhood Mayor killed in Kirkuk
28/01/2013 18:29:00
Source: Groups of Islamic state of Iraq slip into Falluja
28/01/2013 18:08:00
IS ,denies Shahristani's remarks on the events of Fallujah.
28/01/2013 18:07:00
Mortar shells hit an army checkpoint east of Falluja.
28/01/2013 17:43:00
Abu Risha describes statements by Interior officials about the existence of al Qaeda in Anbar as irresponsible.
28/01/2013 17:23:00
Abbawee: Iraqi - Kuwait relations , on the right line.
28/01/2013 17:04:00
Zebari discuss with the Head of European Union (EU) Mission in Iraq the bilateral relations.
28/01/2013 17:03:00
A soldier killed northeast of Baghdad.
28/01/2013 14:46:00
An army base attacked, north of Fallujah.
28/01/2013 14:28:00
Gunmen assassinate driver of member of the provincial council in Baghdad.
28/01/2013 14:26:00
MP : A complaint to the Integrity Commission sent against the head of the Supreme Judicial Council.
28/01/2013 12:50:00
Hassan al-Sinead: the report of Fallujah's events will be announced today.
28/01/2013 12:14:00
A cache of explosives seized in Mosul.
28/01/2013 11:54:00
MP calls al-Sistani and al-Saadi to hold emergency meeting to discuss the current crisis.
28/01/2013 11:52:00
State of Law MP: The Constitution is to define the mandate of Prime Minister.
28/01/2013 11:01:00
Two civilians wounded in Diyala province.
28/01/2013 11:01:00
Al-Hakim meets with Jalili in Teheran.
28/01/2013 10:39:00
Iraqiya MP: define the mandate of the three presidencies prevents dictatorship.
28/01/2013 09:37:00
British minister calls Iraqi parties to avoid escalation and resort to a serious dialogue.
28/01/2013 08:47:00
State of Law MP: Threat to topple the government is an implicit recognition to divide Iraq.
28/01/2013 08:38:00
A gang, specialized in stealing cars, arrested in Kut.
27/01/2013 22:34:00
Abbawi, Bosten discuss relations with Kuwait, works of UN Mission
27/01/2013 22:07:00
Jafari: We support demonstrations, legitimate demands
27/01/2013 21:02:00
Oil Ministry signs contract to develop 9th Exploration area
27/01/2013 19:16:00
15 Wanted captured in Diyala
27/01/2013 19:10:00
Clashes between gunmen and the military
27/01/2013 19:01:00
BREAKING NEWS 6 Mortar shells, Grad rockets hit military base east of Falluja
27/01/2013 18:06:00
Khaled Attiya: We will submit our report on the Fallujah incident to Parliament within 48 hours.
27/01/2013 17:21:00
White Bloc: Regional agendas seek to ignite sectarian strife.
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