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Sales of dollar by CBI decline on Thursday auction.
14/02/2013 16:49:00
Baghdad / NINA /--Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq CBI declined on today auction to 171 million and 447 thousand dollars after hitting yesterday 190 million and 915 thousand dollars with a stable exchange rate of 1166 dinars per dollar ,   ... more>>
Sales of dollar by CBI decline on Wednesday auction.
13/02/2013 16:24:00
Baghdad / NINA /--Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq CBI declined on today auction to 190 million and 915 thousand dollars after hitting yesterday 205 million and 945 thousand dollars with a stable exchange rate of 1166 dinars per dollar ,   ... more>>
Sales of dollar by CBI decline on Tuesday auction.
12/02/2013 17:26:00
Baghdad/ NINA /--Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq CBI declined on Tuesday auction to 205 million and 945 thousand dollars after it hit yesterday, 216 million and 437 thousand dollars , with a stable exchange rate of 1166 dinars per dollar   ... more>>
Iraqi Airways confirms resumption of flights Baghdad - London next month.
12/02/2013 14:11:00
Baghdad/ NINA /--After a long break that lasted more than a quarter of a century Iraqi Airways company, of transport Ministry is preparing to resume its flights Baghdad - London next month . A statement by the ministry said today : " It is sched   ... more>>
Parliamentary Committee on Finance discusses amendments to the draft budget of 2013. 10/02/2013 12:16:00
Sales of dollar by CBI decline in Thursday auction. 07/02/2013 18:36:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI shows rise in today's auction. 05/02/2013 17:46:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI decline in today's auction. 04/02/2013 17:44:00
Kurdistan confirms its implementation of the oil pipeline to Turkey.02/02/2013 12:08:00
Oil Ministry signs contract to develop 9th Exploration area 27/01/2013 21:02:00
Barazani describes decision by Chevron Co. work in the Region as 'Courageous' 24/01/2013 21:57:00
Act of sabotage halts pumping oil to Turkey's Jihan port 24/01/2013 21:35:00
Russian company expresses its desire to invest in oil refineries in Muthanna province. 24/01/2013 09:39:00
Transport Minister confirms Iraq's desire to benefit the Korean experience. 23/01/2013 14:17:00
Third Arab Economic, Social, Development Summit started in Riyadh with Iraq's participation 21/01/2013 23:34:00
December's oil sales exceeded $ 7 Billions 21/01/2013 21:27:00
Sales of dollar by CBI decline on Monday auction. 21/01/2013 17:19:00
Breaking News-- Stop pumping oil from Kirkuk to Ceyhan after an act of sabotage in Turkey. 20/01/2013 12:48:00
Kuwaiti official: Iraq pays Kuwait Airways' compensation next week. 20/01/2013 12:35:00
Jordan resumes export of vegetables to Iraq. 19/01/2013 17:42:00
Kurdistan's Parliament approves the general budget this week.19/01/2013 11:34:00
Haj Omran border crossing returns to its normal work. 17/01/2013 12:42:00
Sales of dollar by CBI decline at Wednesday auction. 16/01/2013 16:23:00
Iraq, Jordan discuss the establishment of a joint free zone. 16/01/2013 13:57:00
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17/02/2013 22:44:00
Mesari: Explosions in Baghdad intended to thwart protestors, demonstrators' peaceful move
17/02/2013 21:46:00
Abo Reesha accuses the government of being responsible for Baghdad explosions
17/02/2013 21:02:00
BREAKING NEWS Shanshal denies being pressured to eradicate al-Mahmoud
17/02/2013 20:18:00
Ground-to-ground rockets uncovered south of Tikrit
17/02/2013 20:02:00
FPT accuses Iraqi judiciary of being politicized, follows the government
17/02/2013 19:50:00
Beriqdar: 10 Citizens sued Medhat al-Mahmoud
17/02/2013 19:43:00
US Embassy condemns Sunday's explosions
17/02/2013 19:38:00
2 Soldiers wounded northeast Falluja
17/02/2013 19:27:00
Blood donations in Ramadi to victims of Baghdad blasts
17/02/2013 19:15:00
BREAKING NEWS 3 Soldiers killed west of Mosul
17/02/2013 17:09:00
Maliki: Today's bombings is a practical application to the calls of incitement and hatred.
17/02/2013 17:05:00
Three soldiers killed in Mosul.
17/02/2013 16:58:00
Police captain, two gunmen killed in Mosul.
17/02/2013 16:50:00
An army force kill a civilian, wounded another north of Fallujah.
17/02/2013 16:50:00
Three bodies, including two women, found in Mosul.
17/02/2013 15:50:00
Kurdish efforts to resolve the current crisis.
17/02/2013 15:11:00
In the wake of Baghdad's bombings, Diyala takes tight security measures.
17/02/2013 15:11:00
An Army force arrest six sitters in Kirkuk.
17/02/2013 14:33:00
Iyad Allawi calls for security forces to reduce recurrence of violence.
17/02/2013 14:05:00
Sadrist MP: members of the House of Representatives seek to withdraw confidence from Nujaifi.
17/02/2013 14:04:00
Baghdad operations: 2 killed, 13 wounded are the numbers of victims of explosions today.
17/02/2013 13:46:00
The number of victims of the bombings in Baghdad rises to 108 dead and wounded.
17/02/2013 13:19:00
Series of Bombings hit Baghdad, claiming tens of killed and wounded.
17/02/2013 13:07:00
Presidency of the Kurdistan Region denies approval of Allawi's presidency.
17/02/2013 13:06:00
Al-Maliki removes head of accountability and justice commission from his post.
17/02/2013 12:35:00
A Civilian killed, five wounded in IED explosion in central Baghdad.
17/02/2013 12:23:00
Jamal al-Bateek: Iraq-Saudi relations' improvement cut the way to Turkish- Qatar plan.
17/02/2013 12:23:00
Car bomb goes off in Saidiya area west of Baghdad.
17/02/2013 12:04:00
Tens killed and wounded in a series of car bombs in Baghdad.
17/02/2013 11:48:00
Policeman killed in Ramadi.
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