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Shahristani: Any detainee proven innocent has the right to demand compensation
16/01/2013 22:41:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Governmental Committee charged with considering the protestors' demands, Hussein al-Shehristani, said that any detainee, who is been proven of being innocent, has the right to demand compensa   ... more>>
Five university students killed in a car accident in Muthanna province.
16/01/2013 08:59:00
Samawa / NINA / Five university students were killed in the province of Muthanna due to a collision on the Ebs – al-Khdher road today 16, Jan. Witnesses told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "students were traveling in a taxi coming fr   ... more>>
3-Day mourning in Anbar for the assassination of Aifan al-Essawi
15/01/2013 20:22:00
Ramadi (NINA) – Anbar province announced three-day mourning on the killing of lawmaker from Iraqiya slate, Aifan al-Essawi, in Falluja on Tuesday noon, Jan. 15. Deputy Chairman of Anbar Council, Sadoun al-Shalan, told NINA that the province has an   ... more>>
335 Inmates released from Ministry of Justice prisons
14/01/2013 20:27:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Chairman f the Ministerial Committee charged with the protestors' demands, Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, announced the release of 335 detainees from prisons of the Ministry of Justice. In a press conference held on   ... more>>
Abu Reesha: Closing border outlets causes in losses up to billion Dinars a day 13/01/2013 21:15:00
A young man sets fire in his father's house, then burns himself in Sulaymaniyah. 13/01/2013 10:34:00
82 pieces of antiques, ready to be smuggled, seized in Dhi Qar.13/01/2013 10:10:00
Syrian refugees in Anbar up to 10 thousands 12/01/2013 20:39:00
Female detainee released in Falluja 10/01/2013 22:41:00
Erbil exposed to wave of snowfall 09/01/2013 19:26:00
Anbar police chief: Stability in the province is the stability of Iraq.09/01/2013 12:48:00
Kuwait National Assembly ratifies Maritime traffic with Iraq. 09/01/2013 12:41:00
More than 58 thousand Syrian refugees living in Kurdistan Region 08/01/2013 22:05:00
Breaking News---- Trebil's border port closed. 08/01/2013 11:02:00
Erbil Governor discusses with USAID official developments Kurdistan Region witnesses 07/01/2013 22:09:00
Al-Maliki: Iraqi army is responsible to defend Iraq. 06/01/2013 15:33:00
Protest in Anbar continues for the 14th day 05/01/2013 20:37:00
In Ramadi "Steadfastness Friday" 03/01/2013 22:32:00
United Friday Prayer in Tikrit 03/01/2013 20:49:00
Citizens prevented from entering Ramadi except residents 03/01/2013 19:50:00
Anbar Criminal Court releases 3 female detainees 02/01/2013 18:29:00
Council of Ministers' Secretariat declares Thursday day off 02/01/2013 18:20:00
133 Thousand Tourists spent New Year's Eve in Kurdistan Region 01/01/2013 20:47:00
Iraq's Embassy in Yemen: Weapon shipment seized in Yemen belongs to Iraq's Defence Ministry 30/12/2012 18:36:00
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18/01/2013 21:59:00
Head quarters of 12th Division in Kirkuk hit with rockets
18/01/2013 21:34:00
UAE beats Iraq, wins the championship of Gulf 21 Tournament
18/01/2013 18:59:00
Elaiwi: Political differences, demonstrations behind security deterioration
18/01/2013 18:38:00
Religious authority Ta'e warns from 'Geographic separation in Iraq"
18/01/2013 18:33:00
2 Policemen wounded in Mosul
18/01/2013 18:24:00
3 Policemen wounded northwest Hilla
18/01/2013 18:04:00
Baghdad mosques Imams claim meeting demonstrator's demands.
18/01/2013 15:50:00
Demonstration of / not bluffing / Friday prayers merging to Ahrar Square central Mosul.
18/01/2013 15:02:00
Friday prayers sermon of / not bluffing / in Samarra: sit-ins will continue until the implementation of demonstrators demands.
18/01/2013 14:44:00
Amiriya Friday sermon urging moving army out of cities, cancel abolition law and article 4/ terrorism.
18/01/2013 14:02:00
Imam Juma / not bluffing / in Fallujah denounces policy of "stalling" by Maliki government to meet demonstrators demands.
18/01/2013 13:42:00
Security force prevent worshipers from entering mosque in Amiriyah, but after leaving their identities and their mobile.
18/01/2013 11:38:00
Hundreds begin to flow into scenes of sit-in in Ramadi and Fallujah amid preparation for a unified Friday prayers .
18/01/2013 11:25:00
A unified Friday prayers for the third week in a raw in Baquba.
18/01/2013 11:24:00
A policeman wounded north of Babel.
17/01/2013 22:06:00
Anbar protestors welcome reopening Traibeel border outlet
17/01/2013 21:29:00
Barazani meets with leaders of Kurdish opposition
17/01/2013 21:06:00
NA: Religious Authority supports limiting 3 presidencies to two terms
17/01/2013 20:26:00
4 Civilians wounded in Karbala's second car bomb explosion
17/01/2013 20:22:00
2 Soldiers killed west of Mosul
17/01/2013 20:11:00
Police fficer, 2 gunmen killed east f Tikrit
17/01/2013 20:04:00
BREAKING NEWS Another car bomb explodes in Karbala
17/01/2013 19:47:00
Mutlaq, Kobler discuss political developments
17/01/2013 19:42:00
BREAKING NEWS Reopening of Traibeel border outlet with Jordan
17/01/2013 19:37:00
BREAKING NEWS Car bomb explodes in Karbala
17/01/2013 15:52:00
Zebari discuss with Swedish Ambassador bilateral relations.
17/01/2013 15:51:00
Mosul sit-in enters the twenty-second day.
17/01/2013 15:20:00
Abawi looking with the Head of the International Mission for Financing and Corporation (IFC) posibilities of building developing projects in Iraq.
17/01/2013 14:46:00
Command of Nineveh police battalions survives of an assassination attempt west of Mosul.
17/01/2013 14:30:00
Six suspects men arrested in Diyala.
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