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Commuter alert
Patrick: MTBA will shut down at 3 :30 p.m. Friday 5:43 PM
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Bruins goalie Tim Thomas traded to N.Y. Islanders 5:43 PM
Tim Thomas traded to Islanders
A source familiar with the talks confirmed that the Bruins will make the trade.
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Red Sox
Lakers at Celtics, 8 p.m. (TNT)
Not the matchup you'd expect
This isn't the Celtics-Lakers matchup anyone was expecting coming into the season.
Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers
02/12/2013, at TD Garden
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Weather Wisdom blog
Blizzard warnings in effect
Blizzard warnings are in effect for nearly the entire coast from central Maine to Connecticut. Tomorrow morning will provide the best travel conditions. (4:15 p.m.)
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Boston-area Mardi Gras celebrations
In the mood for Cajun food, jazz music, bead necklaces, and a New Orleans state-of-mind? We have a few options for Fat Tuesday around here.
Dan Winslow: 'I'm in' for Senate run
State lawmaker and former Mitt Romney aide declared his intention to run in the special election for the US Senate, becoming the first Republican to do so. (5:08 p.m.)
Crime novelist Cornwell testifies against her former accounting firm
Author Patricia Cornwell told jurors she was unaware her former financial management firm had invested her money in an "aggressive growth" fund. (3:51 p.m.)SPONSORED BLOG | INSIGHTS
Reasons for buying a home in Mass.
Boston.com Insights is a stage for conversations with local businesses. Avenue 3 Real Estate offers reasons to buy a local home now, and provides other valuable home buying info.
More Insights on Boston.com | Boston.com Real Estate
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BPD commissioner's son driven home by police after drinking
The son of Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis was stopped by a patrolman concerned he might be too drunk to drive, according to a report. (4:05 p.m.)
MIT network attacked after Swartz suicide
According to a statement on the MIT news office website, the school's network was hacked several times following Internet activist Aaron Swartz’s suicide. (12:47 p.m.)
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Second Boston school head under scrutiny
Queon Jackson of Madison Park High was placed on leave amid an investigation of a multi-state credit fraud ring.
Boston's plague of cheap parking
The real price of seemingly cheap on-street parking includes the minutes drivers spend cruising around looking for it -- and the congestion they create for everyone else.
Market rebounds, but many sit out
US stocks have doubled in value since March 2009, but for a market this bullish, there's a distinct lack of euphoria.
Opinion | Juliette Kayyem
'Frank, we lost the A feed'
The Super Bowl blackout is a chance to learn about how systems work (and don't work) and how people respond (and don't respond) when there is a Big Fail.
Bagger vies for bragging rights
Danny Johnson, who bags groceries at Roche Bros. in Bridgewater, will compete in the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger Championship.
Opinion | Yvonne Abraham
Walz leaves a void on Beacon Hill
The average IQ of the Mass. Legislature is about to drop a few points. Marty Walz delivered her final address in the House Wednesday.
The fallout for Carmen Ortiz
An important lesson from the death of Aaron Swartz is the need for prosecutors to understand the implications of their actions.
Health & Wellness
Plyometric exercises to boost fat
Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates the fat burning benefits of plyometric exercises.
Work it out, Boston: Women's boxing
Former Illinois Congresswoman Cardiss Collins dead at 81
Collins, the first African-American woman to represent Illinois in Congress, died of complications from pneumonia at a Virginia hospital Sunday evening.
Interim US Senator William 'Mo' Cowan sworn into office
Massachusetts' new interim US Senator — William ‘‘Mo’’ Cowan — was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden today. Cowan will fill the seat vacated by former Sen. John Kerry who left to become secretary of state. (Photo: C-SPAN)
Area businesses prepare for storm to strike
While individuals are scurrying to procure supplies to get them through the coming storm, stores must begin that process even sooner.
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Kids and families in the snow
Your pet's birthday pictures
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Personal Finance
5 bad money habits to kick
The new year has begun, and as we all start our resolutions of ridding one bad habit, try to stick with it for 40 days to see a real change. This year, consider putting a financial spin on your resolution to kick a bad money habit.
Arts & Entertainment
Celebrity sightings
"Identity Thief" stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy walked the red carpet at the film's premiere in Los Angeles. See more stars out and about.
Dear Blissfully Inspired
How can I stop stressing about the weather?
Is there a way to have great wedding photos taken, even if they have to be taken inside?
Nature puts on a show
The stars of Bearadise Ranch--the famous Welde family bears--take center stage at this 15-acre nature reserve. ... More
Cruise trends for 2013
From adult-only areas to poolside movies and live game shows, here are some of the new innovations the cruise industry is debuting this year,
Maine's natural (and unnatural) oddities
A full-sized chocolate moose, the world's largest revolving globe, and more uniquely Maine oddities.... More
Your Campus
Following Aaron Swartz's suicide, MIT network attacked three times
In the weeks following Internet activist Aaron Swartz’s suicide, the MIT campus network has been hacked several times.
Twitter acquiring Bluefin Labs
Twitter has made its second large Cambridge acquisition in just over a week, buying social television analytics company Bluefin Labs.
What's the story behind your child's name?
Sisters Luna and Sol (left), of Boston, got their names from a promise their father made to their mother. Find out what that promise was.
More: Boston.com Moms
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Home | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Blizzard, Black Mountain & Coors Light
Get snowed in at Black Mountain this weekend! The RadioBDC Coors Light Drafters are giving away FREE tickets tonight! Join us at Jaime's Bar in North Andover & Joshua Tree in Somerville.
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Carousel Horse Farm
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Valentine's Day events around Boston
The Beer Advocate's Extreme Beer Festival
Dates to try around Boston
'Oliver' at Wheelock
  1. Major to perhaps historic storm still on track
  2. Get ready: Forecast calls for blizzard conditions in Bay State
  3. Mayor Menino cancels school, urges people to stay off roads Friday; declares city is ready
  4. Blizzard warnings for entire coastline
  5. Madison Park students walk out in show of support for embattled acting headmaster
  6. Boston’s top 10 snowstorms
  7. Doctor gets $7m in gender bias suit
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Innovation Economy
PlowMe.com hopes to be Uber for snowplows
The Weymouth-based snowplow-summoning website is hoping this weekend's blizzard will put their service on the map.
Boston homes
for $300,000
Massachusetts home prices spiked in the last year, as listings went up to a median price of $303,500.
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New cars at the Chicago Auto Show
The 105th annual Chicago Auto Show, the largest car show in North America, kicked off with a media day on Feb. 7.
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Q&A;: Ask the Job Doc
Pattie Hunt Sinacole, a human resources expert and who works for an HR consulting firm, will answer your questions at noon.
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