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6 Jan 2008 - 8 Jan 2015
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   2.15 2.36     Credit Bank Of Iraq 1.98 2.17       
Iraq Stocks Exchange
Last Session Date 28/02/2013
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Fallujah Construction Materials2.953.1-5.08
Iraqi Agricultural Products88.25-3.12
Al-Mansour Pharmaceuticals1.521.55-1.97
Babylon Bank0.740.75-1.33
Economy Bank For Investment1.051.06-0.95
Iraqi Agricultural Marketing Meat8.938.96-0.34
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Credit Bank Of Iraq2.171.989.6
Dar Al-Salam for Insurance2.362.158.9
Baghdad Soft Drinks1.041.012.88
Mansour Hotel32.75322.29
Kurdistan International Bank2.122.081.92
المواد الانشائية الحديثة0.680.691.45
Middle East Investment Bank1.391.421.4
North Bank2.332.31.3
Iraqi Carton Manufacturies0.820.811.23
Union Bank Of Iraq0.830.821.2
Ashur International Bank0.930.921.08
Gulf Commercial Bank1.021.010.98
= CurrentPrev.Change %
Bank Of Baghdad=1.771.770
AL-Wiaam Financial Investment=1.591.60
Mamoura Realestate Investment=2.92.90
Investment Bank of Iraq=1.021.020
Babylon Hotel=30.2530.250
Dar es salam Investment Bank=3.383.380
Ready Made Clothes=770
AL-Sadeer Hotel=17.517.50
Karbala Hotels=4.044.040
Kharkh Tour Amuzement City=10.410.40
Sumer Commerical Bank=0.80.80
Al-Ameen for Insurance=110
Al-Mansour Bank=1.181.180
Middle East for Production-=15150
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