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Source: Baghdad ISX
Ramadi / NINA / A civilian was killed in an armed attack south of the city of Fallujah on Saturday 16, March. A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The gunmen, traveling in a civilian car, opened fire towa   ... more>>
16/03/2013 12:05:00
Baquba / NINA / Forces of Diyala police arrested four wanted men in raid and search operations carried out in different areas in Diyala province today 16, March. A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today   ... more>>
Mosul / NINA / Three people, of the same family, were injured when gunmen stormed their house on Saturday 16, March east of Mosul. A police source said that unknown gunmen stormed a house in the district of al- Nimrod eastern Mosul, wounding two   ... more>>
Kirkuk / NINA / Two policemen were injured this morning 16, March when a roadside bomb exploded south of Kirkuk. A police source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the bomb, planted on the side of the road links bet   ... more>>
A man killed North of Babel . 15/03/2013 17:17:00
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16/03/2013 13:02:00
Tribal gathering in Hawija demands Mutlaq and Tamim to end their boycott.
16/03/2013 12:46:00
Maliki and Jaafari discuss the development of the political process.
16/03/2013 12:43:00
Gunmen kill a civilian in Fallujah.
16/03/2013 12:22:00
Iraqiya MP: Passing important laws by majority better than disable them.
16/03/2013 12:05:00
Four wanted men arrested in Diyala province.
16/03/2013 11:29:00
Iraqiya MP: we will attend the next session to discuss security breaches and other laws.
16/03/2013 10:30:00
Three, of the same family, injured in Mosul.
16/03/2013 09:53:00
Two policemen injured in Kirkuk.
16/03/2013 09:37:00
MP: Vote on the budget is a democratic, should be respected by everyone .
16/03/2013 09:24:00
MP: Federal Court's decision is "great victory" to the demonstrators.
16/03/2013 08:59:00
Othman: Kurds MPs will return to Baghdad, ministers wait a decision.
15/03/2013 21:39:00
Support Council member, 2 sons killed in northeast of Baquba
15/03/2013 21:22:00
Iraqiya accuses the Government of leaving criminals and chases its political process partners
15/03/2013 20:57:00
Egypt Air lends 30 pilots to Iraqi Airways
15/03/2013 18:46:00
BREAKING NEWS 10 Soldiers killed, wounded north of Tikrit
15/03/2013 18:20:00
Weapon, explosives cache uncovered, 8 suspects detained east of Tikrit
15/03/2013 18:04:00
Hakeem stresses necessity to advocate culture of peaceful coexistence between nations
15/03/2013 17:38:00
Hundreds of thousands of people in Ramadi and Fallujah vehemently praise Nujaifi stand to go on foot to perform prayers in Mosque of Abu Hanifa.
15/03/2013 17:27:00
Belarusian official: Minsk ready to provide Iraq with various military equipment.
15/03/2013 17:17:00
A man killed North of Babel .
15/03/2013 17:00:00
MP for SL coalition waiving of Iraqi territory to Kuwait is a red line.
15/03/2013 15:02:00
Capturing of a corrupter as igniting fire to protesters' cars in Ramadi.
15/03/2013 14:50:00
Five suspected men arrested east of Tikrit.
15/03/2013 14:32:00
Barzani and Kerry exchanged telephone and views on the crisis in Iraq.
15/03/2013 13:28:00
BREAKING NEWS Osama Nujaifi , Salman al-Jumaili and Dhafer al-Ani up to Abu Hanifa Mosque on foot.
15/03/2013 13:21:00
Two policemen killed west of Mosul.
15/03/2013 13:03:00
Thousands of worshipers flocked to the sites of holding Fri- prayers in Diyala.
14/03/2013 22:28:00
BREAKING NEWS Niniveh Provincial Council candidate assassinated
14/03/2013 22:17:00
Car bomb explodes in Talafar
14/03/2013 20:07:00
Kobler: Today's attacks aimed at the hearts of democratic institutions
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