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Source: Baghdad ISX
Sat / 02 March 2013
28/02/2013 13:05:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadir confirmed, during a meeting with the independent MP Hassan Alawi, the need to move away from convulsive statements and concerted efforts to resolve the issues that the country is g   ... more>>
Setting a time to implement the demands is an important step to resolve the crisis.
28/02/2013 11:39:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Abd Dhiab al-Ajili confirmed that " Setting a time to implement all the legitimate demands of the demonstrators is an important step to resolve the crisis, the country is going through." He told t   ... more>>
Maliki is ready to receive Barzani in Baghdad to resolve outstanding problems.
28/02/2013 10:32:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Ali al-Moussawi, the media adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed that "Maliki is ready to receive the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani in Baghdad to resolve all outstanding problems between the   ... more>>
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Fallujah Construction Materials2.953.1-5.08
Iraqi Agricultural Products88.25-3.12
Al-Mansour Pharmaceuticals1.521.55-1.97
Change %Prev.Current Top
Credit Bank Of Iraq2.171.989.6
Dar Al-Salam for Insurance2.362.158.9
Baghdad Soft Drinks1.041.012.88
Photo Gallery
01/03/2013 22:04:00
Member of Taghyeer Movement says it is probable the Barazani succeeds Talabani as President
01/03/2013 21:31:00
Scud rocket falls on Syria-Iraq border strip west of Mosul
01/03/2013 21:02:00
Kobler, Guterres discuss resettling Freedom Camp's residents
01/03/2013 20:29:00
Jawhar: The Region supports demonstrators' demands, rejects praising former regime
01/03/2013 20:00:00
Soldier killed, 2 soldiers, 2 policemen wounded in Mosul
01/03/2013 19:40:00
Iraq's Mufti supports protestors' demands
01/03/2013 19:38:00
Samarra Fri-Sermon confirms ,sit-ins will continue peaceful and stigmatizes Electricity minister resuming attending cabinet meetings.
01/03/2013 19:17:00
Nijaifi condemns recent explosions in Baghdad, provinces
01/03/2013 19:16:00
Thousands of demonstrators in Hawija and Kirkuk performing Friday prayers uniform.
01/03/2013 18:43:00
Worshipers of Abu Hanifa mosque demonstrate urging the government to immediately meet their demands.
01/03/2013 17:23:00
Casualties toll of Sholah bombings up to 30 dead and wounded.
01/03/2013 16:52:00
Barzani criticizes "threats" by the federal government to oil companies in Kurdistan.
01/03/2013 15:50:00
Maliki refuse Issawi's resignation until after investigation into financial and administrative Irregularities of Issawe.
01/03/2013 15:26:00
Amir of Dulaim urged Anbar governor and provincial council to declare their position towards Anbar sit- ins .
28/02/2013 22:48:00
BREAKING NEWS Lebanese Restaurant's floating deck in Baghdad drowned, 5 bodies lifted
28/02/2013 22:29:00
Asadi affirms to Iraq's keenness to expand its relations with Japan
28/02/2013 22:11:00
Nechirvan Barzani, US Ambassador discuss political situation
28/02/2013 21:41:00
Soldier killed west of Kirkuk
28/02/2013 21:35:00
2 Killed in series of blasts south of Baghdad
28/02/2013 21:01:00
Kobler welcomes resuming Iraqi Airways resumes flights from Baghdad to Kuwait
28/02/2013 20:33:00
CBI denies reports on the Governor's resignation
28/02/2013 20:25:00
Casualties of Shula's 2 blasts up to 30 killed, wounded
28/02/2013 19:36:00
Barazani, US Ambassador discuss developments in Iraq, area
28/02/2013 19:17:00
2 Policemen killed, one wounded in Mosul
28/02/2013 19:07:00
BREAKING NEWS 7 Persons killed, wounded in 2 car bombs explosions in northwestern Baghdad
28/02/2013 15:48:00
Minister of Construction looking with a Kuwaiti company ways to implement housing projects.
28/02/2013 15:38:00
/ 7 / suspected arrested south of Tikrit.
28/02/2013 15:31:00
Sales of dollar by CBI rise on Thursday auction.
28/02/2013 15:05:00
Sahwa commander killed west of Kirkuk.
28/02/2013 14:48:00
IS describes resumption by Electricity Minister of attending Cabinet meetings as insurgency against its stand.
28/02/2013 13:32:00
IS calls on the presidency of the parliament to inticipate voting on the budget.
28/02/2013 13:12:00
Zebari receives a message from his French counterpart regarding bilateral relations.
28/02/2013 13:05:00
Al-Sadir meets Alawi.
28/02/2013 12:34:00
15 al-Qaeda elements arrested in Anbar.
28/02/2013 12:17:00
Anbar tribes' Council calls to accelerate implementing demands to avoid sectarian and bloodshed.
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