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Neocons and Obamaites Unite
Against Rand Paul, says Justin Raimondo
Drones and the Imperial Presidency
Ron Paul on Congress and Obama's executive powers
Is Lockheed Martin Sequester-Proof?
Jeremiah Goulka, Tom Engelhardt on the military industry
Karzai Says US Colluding With Taliban
Will ban NATO from universities over student kidnappings
Report: US Training Syria Rebels in Jordan
Training FSA fighters in anti-tank weaponry
West Doesn't Accept New Kenya President
Narrow victory for Kenyatta fuels domestic, int'l disputes
Domestic Assassination Power
Obama claims it, says Marcy Wheeler
Likud Craziness in Tel Aviv and DC
M.J. Rosenberg on the Lobby's policies
Supreme Court Refuses Wiretap Case
So FISA amendments remain, says Alexander Abdo
Updated March 9, 2013 - 5:26 PM EST
UN Sanctions Plays Into NK Leaders' Us-Versus-Them Propaganda
Ignore Threat of N. Korean Nukes. Obsess Over Imaginary Iranian Nukes

Rep. Grayson: Replace Sequester Cuts With Ending Afghanistan War

Rand Paul's Filibuster Divides the Left and Right  by Anthony Gregory
Who Was Right About Invading Iraq?  by Stephen M. Walt
Senators Can Know When Obama Can Kill Americans – but You Won't  by Adam Serwer
Blowing the Whistle on War Crimes  by Nathan Fuller
A Blank Check for Israel? Bad Idea.  by Matthew Duss
Rumsfeld Must Be Indicted Over Iraq Militias  by Richard Norton-Taylor
Timbuktu Not Out of Reach of US Troops
by Laurence M. Vance
McCain Calls Paul, Cruz, Amash 'Wacko Birds'
Prosecutor Agrees Gitmo Court Transparency Challenge Should Be Heard
A Huge Hunger Strike at Guantánamo
Iraq: A History That Must Not Be Repeated
Admiral Gives New Date for Marine Move From Okinawa to Guam
Leaked Pentagon Report: The F-35 Won't Stand a Chance in Aerial Combat
8 UN Troops Abandon Syria Post, March to Israel
In Syria's Rebel Strongholds, Foreign Aid Yields Anger
Russia Says Assad 'Not Bluffing' About Staying Put
Syrian Rebel Leaders Delay Washington Trip
Desperate, Some Fleeing Syria Turn to Prostitution
Over 336,000 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Israeli Police Disperse Palestinians at Key Site
'Lapid to Give Up Demand for Foreign Ministry'
Hamas Brands Obama Visit a 'Trap'
Saving the West Bank's Shuhada Street
Iran: UN Human Rights Rapporteur Took US Bribes
Peres to Hollande: Iran About to Miss Last Chance
31 Killed in Iraq; Police Fire on Protesters
Nine Killed as Gunmen Attack Government-Backed Iraq Militia
Iraq Agriculture Minister Quits Over Sunni Protest Death
Shoe Attack on the Floor of Iraqi Parliament
Al-Qaeda Member in Yemen Killed While Planting Explosive
Northern Ireland
Five Police Injured in Rioting in Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein's Francie Molloy Wins Mid Ulster By-Election
Colombian ELN Rebels Free Held German Breuer Brothers
Mexican Federal Prosecutor Says Vigilante Group Raided by Army Seem to Have Ties to Cartel
Argentina Court Convicts Ex-President Menem Over Arms Sales to Croatia and Ecuador
The War at Home
White House Raps McConnell Over Civilian Terror Trial Criticism
Bin Laden Son-In-Law Pleads Not Guilty
Undercover Agent With Mock Bomb Breaches US Airport Security
TSA Permits Small Knives, Bats, and Golf Clubs but Holds Firm on Shampoo
California Coastal Commission Rejects Navy Offshore Explosives, Sonar Training
Army Suspends Tuition Assistance Program for Troops
Pakistan Supply Routes Open, but Move Gear Slowly Into Afghanistan
Five Afghan Officers Killed Battling Poppy Production
Hazara Shia Hounded in Pakistan
China Overtakes US as World's Largest Importer of Oil
Killings in Xinjiang Stir Fears of Heightened Ethnic Tensions
French Troops 'Dismantle al-Qaeda Base'
Two French Islamist Fighters Extradited From Mali
North Africa
1 Killed, 155 Injured in Egypt's Clashes: Health Ministry
Tunisia PM Ali Larayedh Unveils New Government
Kenya Presidential Race Appears to Go to Uhuru Kenyatta With 50.03 Percent of Vote
Blasts Rock Northeast Nigeria After President's Visit
Sudan, South Sudan in Fresh Talks to Set Up Buffer Zone
Former Captive in Niger, Worries for Remaining Hostages
UN in DR Congo 'Army Rape' Ultimatum
Protesters, Police Clash at Guinea Opposition March
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