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Sunday, 24 March 2013
Egypt's antiquities ministry and Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute collaborate in launching participatory restoration project on Cairo's Al-Khalifa Street  
Disarray, fear, and hints of hope appeared at Left Bank Bistro on Monday 13 August, where the popular theatre project Tahrir Monologues poignantly performed brand new stories from the unfolding revolution

A cafe in the heart of downtown Cairo takes Egyptians away from the hubbub of everyday life back to the heady days when the voice of legendary singer Umm Kalthoum lifted the nation

Zamalek, Boulak, Saqqara, Khan al-Khalili are landmarks that date back centuries. Ahram Online looks at the stories behind the names of Egypt's towns and famous markets

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Zane't El-Settat, is an old market where a shopper can find almost anything: a market with memories of Egypt's notorious women serial killers

The demolition of Cicurel Villa in Egypt's second capital made headlines recently. Ahram Online delves into the history of the lost architectural gem in a city that was once famous for its cosmopolitanism.

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Kaf (palm), a popular art of improvsed lyrics on cryptic topics the audience suggests on the spot, draws thousands to listen to 15 artists in a unique performance
"The Pride of the Poor and Prince of the Austere, the Blessing of al-Andalus … Abul Hasan of Sustar was a man of great knowledge" says Ibn al-Khatib on the ultra spiritual poet and musician
At the opening of the fifth forum of Egyptian folk dolls comes the story of Egypt's oldest puppet

In the heart of Islamic Cairo, Al-Hussein district celebrates the birth of the grandson of the Prophet Mohamed

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