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Monday, 11 March 2013
El-Kharabawy's Muslim Brotherhood book becomes a bestseller
An Egyptian lawyer whose dissenting voice got him thrown out of the Muslim Brotherhood examines what he calls the group's hidden radicalism in a book that has become a best-seller in Cairo

Schoolbook misery in Egyptian system: Students' perspectiv​e
They cost the state more than a billion Egyptian pounds per year, but students turn to other sources of knowledge to pass their exams

Future of religious thought 'no different from past': Egyptian philosopher
The progress of religious thought over the past two centuries has been 'very slow, almost static,' Egyptian philosopher Hassan Hanafi asserts

Egyptian schoolbook industry in disarray
80 printing firms facing bankruptcy due to tough new government contracts that will concentrate printing of Egyptian schoolbooks in hands of large government firms

Pioneering children's author Mahmoud Salem dies at 84
Salem was best-known for his mystery series 'The Five Adventurers'

Egyptian Arabic Booker winner faces blasphemy charges
Youssef Zeidan faces blasphemy charges for his book 'The Arabic Theology' which investigates the relationship between man and God within Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Book review: Father Scatolini on Islamic Sufism
New grand volume brings together texts and the history of major Sufi figures across seven centuries of Islamic civilisation

Book review: Ex-minister of information talks post-revolution cabinets
In his latest book, Egypt's post-revolution media minister Osama Heikal recounts his days in office and the fateful October 2011 'Maspero Incident'

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