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Egypt’s concentrations of risk
Tarek Osman

Five concentrations of risk exist now in Egypt

Hamas and revolutionary Egypt
Hassan Abou Taleb

Before the revolution, Hamas had much support among Egyptians, as a symbol of resistance; now it has become a source of serious threat

Drug prevention wise investment for future of young and vulnerable
Yury Fedotov

Drug rise across Middle East and North Africa is a clear and present danger but can be prevented

Qatar's breakthrough in Egypt
Hicham Mourad

Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Qatar has viewed Islamism as the dominant force in the region – hence the recent improvement in its ties with Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Samson Option
Hani Shukrallah

In their feverish attempt to grab Egypt now, the Muslim Brotherhood are pushing the millennia old nation to the brink

Politicians from outside the state
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

Current crisis is a conflict between an authoritarian state that no longer possesses the tools to oppress, and a society that wants to change its relationship with the state but lacks the tools to do so

Have the Tuareg been fooled again?
Eva Dadrian

The Tuareg want a peaceful settlement with Bamako by declaring Azawad their autonomous territory. There may be signs that they have been duped anew

Weimar Republic or 18 Brumaire?
Khaled Fahmy

The Muslim Brotherhood does not have the power to rule Egypt as the Nazis did Germany, but what it can do — and appears to be doing — is by failure open the way for an even graver dictatorship


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