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Email Hosting
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Secure Business Email made in Switzerland.
DomBox.com is the solution for companies who want to use swissmail.org as their business email. A DomBox account allows you to setup and manage your swissmail.org email accounts for your domain.

DomBox.com provides a Swiss-based secure email, office and web hosting solution for professionals and companies.
Our service includes virtual email servers of almost any size, domain name registration and web hosting.

All email accounts include spam filter and anti-virus protection, webmail and IMAP/POP3 access.
The OnlineOffice allows you to share calendars, tasklists and even mail folders between your employees.

Our [service level] is designed for high availability, reliability and flexibility.
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Professional Account with domain name
A single swissmail.org Professional Account, but with your own domain name. For more information check our [feature list] or try our service with a swissmail.org demo account.
Virtual Email Servers
The perfect money-saving service for your company. The DomBox.com email server allows you to manage all your email addresses over the Internet [more information].
Email Server Family  (3 mailboxes, 3 GB storage)
Email Server Light  (5 mailboxes, 5 GB storage)
Email Server LightPlus  (10 mailboxes, 10 GB storage)
Email Server Standard (15 mailboxes, 15 GB storage)
Email Server Business (25 mailboxes, 25 GB storage)
Email Server Enterprise (50 mailboxes, 50 GB storage)
Email monitoring
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Add our monitoring module to your email server to get a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails in your domain [more ...].
Email archiving
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In most countries your business correspondence including emails must be archived for up to 10 years. The email archiving module adds a special account to archive all incoming and outgoing emails [more ...].
Web Hosting
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Combine your email server with our web hosting option
See our [web hosting features].
Enterprise Servers
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[our price list]
Enterprise Server I (120 mailboxes / 80 GB storage)
Enterprise Server II (220 mailboxes / 130 GB storage)
Enterprise Server III (450 mailboxes / 250 GB storage)
Need more?
In addition to our standard products we can meet most requirements regarding volume, security and special configurations thanks to our flexible email server architecture. If your business faces any additional needs just send us your requirements and we will be happy to send you our quote.
Email hosting
DomBox.com provides a secure global email hosting service solution. The DomBox email service focuses on companies and business people, whose business processes include the use of email as an efficient form of communication.
With the DomBox.com web interface you setup, manage and securely access your email accounts worldwide. No hardware or software to run an email server is needed.

Email service
Our email service takes care about your email 24 hours 7 days a week. Core functions such as IMAP/POP3 access, WebMail, antivirus protection and spam filter, SMS(mobile) support are included in the service, as is a sophisticated email management system to preprocess incoming emails fully automatically.

Secure email
Employees are able to exchange emails encrypted with no extra effort. This makes our email hosting service an ideal email outsourcing solution for companies with increased security requirements. This option is especially interesting since Secure Email Access is available for the entry-level Basic Account as well. Invite your business partners to join our service for an easy and safe communication.

Email addresses worldwide
Because the service is entirely Internet based, customers are not only able to check emails worldwide using webmail with any browser, but also to access their email with any email-enabled device such as palms, smart phone or a BlackBerry® while travelling. This is the way that DomBox.com meets the growing requirement for provider-independent email addresses.

The offering is supplemented web hosting services, making it possible for customers to have their entire Internet presence (email and website) under their own domain name.
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