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17 Feb 2013 - 22 Jul 2021
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Your Film Festival
Your Film Festival gave filmmakers the chance to present a short film at the Venice Film Festival, and received 15,000 submissions globally. The winner also earned the right to pitch for a $500K prize and create a new film with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions.
YouTube Space Lab
YouTube Space Lab created the world’s largest science classroom, where the winning experiment from among 2,000 students was performed and live-streamed from the International Space Station.
YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011
After an online audition on YouTube, 101 musicians from more than 30 countries will perform as the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 at a live-streamed concert from Sydney Opera House March 20.
YouTube Play
A collaborative initiative with HP, created by YouTube and the Guggenheim to discover and showcase exceptional talent in the realm of creative video. Culminated on October 21, 2010, in a presentation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and throughout the Guggenheim network of museums in Bilbao, Venice, and Berlin.
Life in a Day
YouTube asked, "What would it be like to capture the perspectives of people around the world and mold them into one cohesive story of a single day on Earth?" On July 24th, 2010, you answered.
YouTube 5th Year Anniversary
For YouTube's 5th birthday, we decided to look back at the major milestones that contributed to its growth. Here, you can find key statistics, learn about YouTube's history, and read personal stories from YouTubers around the world.
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