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16 Apr 2013 - 11 Apr 2021
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Reporting and Enforcement Center
Learn about reporting content on YouTube, the actions our teams take when reviewing content, and what this means for you.
Have an issue with content on YouTube?
Report a Video
Report an Abusive User
Report a Privacy Violation
Report a Legal Complaint
Policy Enforcement
What happens after content is reported to our team for review? The articles below detail our enforcement of the Community Guidelines.
Learn how to flag and find answers to your questions about the flagging process.There are a number of ways to report content to our team for review. Learn about them here.
We age-restrict content that is not appropriate for younger audiences. Find out what type of content will be age-gated by our review teamLearn about the actions YouTube takes on accounts that are found to have violated our Communtiy Guidelines.
Account terminations
Learn about account terminations and how to submit an appeal.
Appealing Video Strikes
Learn how to submit an appeal if you believe that your video was removed in error by YouTube.
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