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Letters, 04/21/13
21 April 2013
In reply to “Eisenhower’s Reprieve and the Descent Into Fiscal Insanity,” by Justin Raimondo, 04/17/13:
Justin Raimondo writes that the American culture was healthier from 1954-1963 than at any other time. Perhaps for whites, but not for those of a different color. A healthy culture isn’t one in which discrimination is rampant, where violence on a minority population is acceptable, social immobility entrenched, political voice non-existent for non-white populations, and [the] justice system fails miserably at equal protection under the law.
Lawrence Fitton
In reply to “The Great Deformation,” by Justin Raimondo, 04/15/13:
Stockman claims that State intervention via the Fed made the deformation of capitalism possible. I am sure that David Stockman knows that the Fed is not part of the federal government. It is a private central bank that issues currency as debt. The Fed should be abolished and the issuance of the currency should be back under the Treasury Department where it Constitutionally belongs.
Eric Jones
In reply to “Why Can’t We All Travel to Cuba?” by Ron Paul, 04/15/13:
I think Mr. Paul brings up some very serious, interesting points, here. As a Canadian who has gone on vacation to Cuba several times, I can tell you first-hand how asinine the U.S. Helms-Burton Act (and the embargo as a whole) is.
While my family and I were there, we found the Cuban people to be stunningly polite, warm, friendly and hospitable. We traveled to many locales while in-country — Santa Clara, Havana, Remedios, Varadero, amongst many others. Our kids went for a swim with dolphins; we went swimming on a beach where the sand felt like a velvet carpet under our feet; we were treated to superbly talented Cuban dancers and singers at a show every night; the food was very good. My wife and I visited the tomb of Che Guevara, as well as the site of the final battle of the revolution. We also toured a cigar-making factory, where they STILL make them “the old-fashioned way” — rolled meticulously by hand. It was a sight to see.
For their part, all of the Cubans we spoke to had nothing negative to say in the least about the American people … rather, it’s the U.S. government that they openly criticize; a government that dictates to its own citizens where they can and cannot vacation; a government which insists on operating a naval base on THEIR soil (and which they continue to use to incarcerate people without charge, trial or legal representation). And Washington has the nerve to bad-mouth the Castro “regime???” Please. Give me a break.
While we were there, we saw and met tourists from all over the world: The U.K., Russia, France, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico, etc, etc. Apparently it’s okay for everyone else to go and play in the sand there … but Uncle Sam says NO WAY to his own folks. Totally stupid. On the other hand, I can buy Coca-Cola, Milky Way bars, Sprite soda, Pringles potato chips at any grocery store there. It seems it’s swell for American corporations to do business in Castro’s Cuba … but the average schmo ain’t allowed to do the same. As for crime? I felt safer in the streets of Havana than I ever did in Kansas City, MO (or even Toronto, for that matter).
I don’t know if Mr. Paul will read this letter or not, but I think even HE would be stunned at the level of hypocrisy shown by Washington in this regard.
Just my two cents worth.
Mike T.
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