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US home-schooling shows impressive results
by AlJazeeraEnglish 301 views 2 hours ago
Two million children in the US are taught by their parents or private tutors at home. In the final part of our series about home-schooling around t...
Scores killed in two days of Iraq clashes
by AlJazeeraEnglish 231 views 2 hours ago
More than 100 people have been killed in two days of violence across Iraq after a raid on a camp of mostly Sunni Muslim protesters on Tuesday ignit...
The Stream - Guantanamo until death?
by AlJazeeraEnglish 233 views 3 hours ago
Follow The Stream on Al Jazeera:
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/show...
Al Jazeera investigates Mali 'massacre'
by AlJazeeraEnglish 301 views 3 hours ago
Al Jazeera has investigated the events surrounding an alleged massacre in northern Mali. In January 2012 fighters from the Ansar Dine, an Al Qaeda...
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Powerful quake hits Japan
by AlJazeeraEnglish 5,780,225 views 2 years ago
An 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan's northeastern coast around 0546 GMT on Friday.
It caused a four-metre tsunami in the port city of Kamish...
Devastating tsunami hits Japan
by AlJazeeraEnglish 5,708,579 views 2 years ago
A 8.9-magnitude earthquake has triggered a tsunami along Japan's north-eastern coastline, and scores are feared killed.
Cars, boats, homes and peop...
Chinese children sent to fat camps 02-Sept-07
by AlJazeeraEnglish 3,447,549 views 5 years ago
According to the government Chinese children are becoming super-sized, prompting concerns that it could lead to an obesity epdiemic.
Al Jazeera's M...
Interview with rap artist turned Muslim - 2 Jul 09
by AlJazeeraEnglish 2,425,163 views 3 years ago
A growing number of rap artists are leaving the bad boy hip hop lifestyle for a more spiritual one.
The Canadian Dawah Association says that an in...
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