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The Scribd Team
Scribd is the world's largest online library. We've made it easy to share and discover entertaining, informative and original written content across the web and mobile devices.
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Scribd is a technology company based in San Francisco. We're rapidly changing the publishing industry and having a lot of fun in the process.
Trip Adler
Jared Friedman
Head of GoKart Repair
Sabeen Minns
VP of Developer Babysitting
Lilia Martinez-Coburn
Head of Product & Bus. Ops
Mike Lewis
Backend Renaissance Man
Michael Glass
)) <> (( forever
Engineering Team
Scribd is a very engineering-driven company: as an engineer here you will have a lot of responsibility to choose the projects you work on and to define the way they get built. And because we have an existing userbase of 100M and deploy new code daily, your work will likely be used by millions of people on your first week.
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Leaf Corcoran
Great Dad
David Dai
Dmytro Shteflyuk
Everyend Developer
Michael Birk
General Generalist
Wilson Felipe
Garoa Developer
Adit Bhargava
Dictator of Haskell
Kevin Jacobson
Code Hipster
Chris Polis
Radford Smith
Pirate Ninja Rockstar
Kevin Hwang
eval() Genius
Jesse Andersen
Sir Appcelot
Nick Shaffner
Evil Performance Genius
Jenny Lin
Director of Robot Alchemy
Adrian Lienhard
The Professional
Aaron VanSchyndel
Senior UX Designer
Matthias Kramm
Chief Panda Tamer
Charles Lee
Parkour Mixologist
Cleanup Crew Lead
Taylor Pipes
Community & Content Manager
UX & Design Team
Usability and design is important to us at Scribd. We strive to create a unique experience for our users by combining interesting and original content with a simple and easy user experience.
Customer Support
We're here to help our users with any and all inquiries to provide a worry free experience for all.
Jason Bentley
The Lion at the Gate
Micheal Lopez
Senior Visual Designer
Jerry Goure
Customer Support Lead
Gary Villalobos
Customer Support Rep.
Ad Operations
At Scribd we support the sale and delivery of our online advertising through partnerships as well as manage the performance of our ads on Scribd.
Alex Jetter
Lead Campaign Manager
Matt Alecock
Ad Operations Manager
David Santos
Customer Support Rep.
Business Operations
We are responsible for day to day operations at Scribd where increasing the value of our business to better serve our users is our top priority.
Courtney Greene
Office Manager

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