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The Economist Group's government brands bring up-to-date news, analysis and insights to senior decision-makers on Capitol Hill.

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CQ Roll Call
CQ Roll Call is the leading source of congressional news and insight, legislative tracking and grassroots mobilisation services. With the largest press corps on Capitol Hill, CQ Roll Call  provides policy professionals and opinion leaders with the essential information and tools they need to understand and influence the US Congress. CQ Roll Call is organised across three major product lines: Roll Call, CQ and Capitol Advantage.

Roll Call products
Founded in 1955, Roll Call provides readers with up-to-the-minute news of the legislative and political manoeuvres that happen every day on Capitol Hill. Readers get keen insight from such respected Washington analysts as Morton Kondracke, Stuart Rothenberg and Norman Ornstein.

Congress.org is a non-partisan website devoted to encouraging civic participation on important public policy issues. The heart of Congress.org is award-winning software that enables citizens to write to their elected officials and know their messages will be delivered.

CQ products
Founded in 1945, Congressional Quarterly provides non-partisan and accurate congressional news, bill coverage and legislative tracking tools to its subscribers. Often called the “publication of record” on Congress, CQ offers more than 40 products and services that keep readers updated on a weekly, daily and real-time basis.

CQ.com is the only service that covers every legislative action in Congress. Home to CQ’s online products, CQ.com provides congressional news, bill coverage, information on members of Congress, congressional transcripts, custom e-mail alerts and much more.

CQ Weekly covers the people and institutions that influence public policy and legislation, and helps readers understand how legislation is shaped, who is shaping it and how the process could affect their interests. CQ Today provides timely, comprehensive coverage of legislative activity, including intelligence from the House and Senate floors, committee markups, hearings and more.
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