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Or at least that's what the "mainstream" media must think – because that's all they dish up these days.
First they tell us the Syrian rebels are fighting for "democracy" – then we find out the "rebels" are jihadists who hate America.
First tell they us the Syrian government used sarin gas on rebels – then we find out it was the rebels who are using sarin.
First they dish out the lies – then we find out they were lying!
Antiwar.com debunks the lies as soon as they're uttered – that's our job. The War Party is doing its damnedest to drag us into yet another war in the Middle East – but Antiwar.com is right there, refuting their war propaganda 24/7. But we can't do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.
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Updated May 13, 2013 - 11:07 AM EDT



Western Intransigence in Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran  by Hillary Mann Leverett & Flynt Leverett
The Donkey of the Messiah  by Uri Avnery
5 Unsavory Ways America Conducts Its Global War on Terror  by Alex Kane
Happy Mothers Day: From Gitmo to Yemen  by Jodie Evans & Charles Davis
Israel, Iran, and the Nuclear Freight Train  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Syria Not Worth a Crisis With Russia  by Eric Margolis
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Turkish Protesters Blame Government for Blasts
Imran Alleges Pakistan Vote Rigging
Pakistan Polls 'Relatively Fair': Report
Musharraf's Party Wins Two Seats in Chitral
Separate Karachi if You Hate Our Mandate, Altaf to 'Establishment'
Afghanistan Says Iranian Guards Killed 10 Migrants
US Accepts Durand Line as Formal Pak-Afghan Border: Burns
US, Afghan Diplomats Work Toward Long-Term Agreement
Four Turks Held Hostage in Afghanistan by Taliban Freed
Maoists Kill Three Policemen in Attack on India Broadcaster
Taiwan Ultimatum to Philippines Over Fisherman's Death
Political Clans, Celebrities Dominate Ballots in Philippines' Congressional, Local Polls
Bangladesh Arrests Top Islamist Leader on War Crimes Charges
Deal With Ex-Rebels Ends Crisis at Libya's Foreign Ministry
End of Siege Fails to Dispel Libyan Security Fears
Benghazi Police Bombed for Second Time in Three Days
After Gadhafi's 'Socialism,' Libya Tries to Untangle Who Owns What
BP Withdraws Staff From Libya Due to Security Concerns
North Africa
Egyptian Lawyer Denies That Mubarak Spoke to Paper
Party's Withdrawal Threatens Moroccan Govt
Malian Army Heads for Rebel-Held Northern Town of Kidal
UN: Mali Refugees Add to 800,000 People Needing Food Aid in Niger
Sudan Says South Sudan Helped Rebels Attacking Major Town
Sierra Leone: Opposition Politician Arrested
Rapes on Rise in Somaliland, Say Medical Officials
State Radio: Zimbabwe Voter Campaigners Arrested
Russia Eyes Stronger Naval Presence in Mediterranean
Bulgarians to Elect New Parliament Amid Scandals
Syrian Conflict Nears Turkey, Threatening to Spark Ethnic Upheaval
Turkey Says World Must Act Against Syria After Bombings
Turkey Says It Won't Be Drawn Into Syria Conflict
'Kill the Syrians': Turkish Mobs Search Out Civil War Refugees After Devastating Car Bomb
Turkish Officials Appeal for Calm in Wake of Twin Bombings
Syria Denies Turkey Reyhanli Car Bombs Role
UN Says 4 Peacekeepers Held by Syria Rebels Freed
6 Mortar Shells Hit Neighborhood in Syrian Capital
Syria's Christians Left in Limbo
Gates: No to Direct US Military Involvement in Syria
Netanyahu: We Mustn't Surrender Our Fate to Others
Israel Grounds Drone Aircraft Fleet After Crash
Holy Land Church Leaders Say Clergy Mistreated by Israelis
Israeli Interrogator Accused of Torture: Suspects Must Believe Anything Goes
Netanyahu Flies Into Turbulence Over $127,000 Bed on Plane
Looking for a Hero: Iran's Rafsanjani Builds Comeback Bid on Reformist Hopes
Leading Candidates in Iran's Presidential Race
US: Gulf Navy Drill Not Directed at Iran
Ahmadinejad May Be Charged for Illegal Election Appearance
Five Dumped Bodies Found Near Mosul; 13 Killed Across Iraq
Officials: Gunfire Attacks Kill 4, Wound 3 in Iraq
Five Killings at Camp Liberty in Iraq: Calculation or Despair?
Amid Kurdish-Arab Tussle, Iraq's Yezidis Struggle for Identity
EU Threatens Pullout of South Lebanon Troops
UN: Saleh Has Right to Run for Yemeni President
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed in Yemen
Journalist Assassinated in Southwestern Colombia
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