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08 Jun 2013 - 26 Jan 2021
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At least 21 Iraqis, 12 Iranians Killed in Iraq Attacks; 71 More Wounded
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 09:14 pm › Margaret Griffis
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Suicide bombers staged two major attacks today. Although most of the recent bombings took place in Baghdad, today’s significant attacks took place outside the capital. At least 33 people were killed and 71 more were wounded across Iraq. Twelve of those killed and 37 of those wounded were Iranian pilgrims traveling to visit holy shrines in Iraq.
A suicide bomber drove into a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims through Muqdadiya. As many as 17 pilgrims were killed and 45 others were wounded. Twelve of the dead and 37 of the wounded were Iranian. The group was headed to Najaf.
Five policemen were killed and eight others were wounded, when two suicide bombers detonated their car bombs at the same time on a highway near Ramadi. Four civilians were also killed.
A bomb killed a Baghdad neighborhood leader and wounded two relatives in Falluja,
In Mosul, a bomb killed one person and wounded two more. A cement factory employee was gunned down.
A bomb killed a soldier and wounded another in Shirqat.
In Khanaqin, a sticky bomb wounded a county official and his son.
The number of injured in yesterday’s attack in Taji rose by 11 to 21 wounded.
A taxi driver was kidnapped in Tikrit.
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