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 Jami' Nur al-Din
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ArchNet Site IDAS02838
Variant NamesNur al-Din Mosque, al-Jami' al-Nuri, Jami' al-Nuri, al-Nuri Mosque, Nur al-Din Mosque
LocationHama, Syria
Date1162/558 AH
Building Typereligious
Building Usagemosque

The Ayyubid leader, Nur al-Din, in 1162 founded the Nur al-Din mosque located in heart of Hama on the banks of the Orontes River. The square minaret, made of alternating bands of black basalt and yellow limestone, is the mosque's strongest feature. Inside the mosque, the intricately carved wooden minbar still stands as one of the oldest preserved testaments to Islamic history.
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Saeed AridaFloor plan of Nur al-Din Mosque, HamaCAD drawing(s)2003
Saeed AridaFloor plan of Nur al-Din Mosque, Hamaline drawing(s)2003
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