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New to the Facebook Platform?
Facebook offers tools, services and SDKs to developers who want to integrate social experiences into their apps. Whether or not your app is on iOS, Android, mobile web or desktop web, Facebook offers tools to make integration easy. We've also partnered with other companies to make it easy to integrate on other major platforms as well. Creating social experiences lets your app be part of a person's identity while helping to grow your app's audience base, and it lets you deliver great advertising experiences both in and out of your app.
If you're new to the Facebook Platform read our Overview of the Facebook Platform. It covers the reasons to build with Facebook, the APIs we offer and the other services we offer to developers. If you're confused about some of the terms used on this site, read our glossary of terms.
Developer Centers
Facebook SDK for iOS makes it easier and faster to integrate your iOS app with Facebook. From enabling Login with Facebook to ready-to-use native UI views, the SDK offers several powerful development tools.
Facebook SDK for Android makes it easier and faster to integrate your Android app with Facebook. From enabling Login with Facebook to ready-to-use native UI views, the SDK offers several powerful development tools.
Drive traffic and sign ups to your website by integrating with Facebook. Use the Like Button, Send Button or other plugins to drive traffic to your site. Build apps on Facebook.com or mobile apps on the web that integrates with Facebook's mobile web site, iOS or Android applications.
Grow and monetize your game by integrating with Facebook on iOS, Android, and on Facebook.com. Learn how to grow and re-engage your users, using Facebook Social channels like Requests, Feed, and Open Graph, and monetize your game using Facebook Payments.
Code Samples
Scrumptious is Facebook's sample social application demonstrating Facebook Login and Open Graph. It's available for iOS and Android and responsive Web. Learn how to build a cross-platform application for native mobile and web.
Friend Smash is a fully featured, open source Facebook sample game. It's available for iOS, Android and as a canvas game on facebook.com. Learn how to build, grow and cross-promote a game that is social by design.
Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. Facebook offers a simple wizard that gives you code to embed directly in your site.
Facebook Login makes it easy to connect with users on your app or website. Facebook has tools for all major platforms - iOS, Android or your web site. Facebook Login is also integrated into iOS 6. Many of the more advanced functions in Facebook's APIs require a person to be logged in with Facebook Login.
Open Graph lets apps tell stories on Facebook through a structured, strongly typed API.
Facebook offers a number of APIs that are used in different circumstances. Our SDKs offer access to these APIs through easy-to-use methods, but you can also use the APIs directly if you prefer.
Facebook Payments is a payment system that offers a safe, easy and fast way to pay for digital and virtual goods in games and apps across Facebook.
For the over one billion people that use Facebook, the App Center is the central place to find great social apps. Everything has an app detail page, which helps people see what makes an app unique and lets them install it before going to an app.
Facebook offers a number of tools and products that let you drive paid distribution of your app. The promote center lays out the different options available to you.
Other Tools and Products
If you develop for platforms or languages other than iOS, Android, PHP or JavaScript, check out these SDKs, plugins and services that include deep Facebook integration. These resources built by Facebook Technology Partners enable you to make your apps and sites more social.
Facebook offers a number of tools that make development with Facebook easier.
Facebook's platform policies for developers.
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