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Issue History
June 12 at 11:23am:
Canvas Issues Resolved
The Platform-wide issue has been resolved and the fix should propagate within the next 15 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
June 12 at 11:16am:
Experiencing Canvas Issues
We are currently experiencing Platform-wide issues that may affect canvas, payments and login. We'll update again as soon as we have more information available. Thank you for your patience.
May 21 at 5:38pm:
Api Issues Resolved
The issue has been resolved and behavior should be back to normal.
May 21 at 4:12pm:
API issues
We are currently experiencing higher than normal response times and are working to resolve this issue. We'll update again in two hours or when the issue is fixed.
April 26 at 1:52pm:
Payment Reporting Issues Resolved
We have resolved our payments reporting issues. You can now download the latest reports via our API.
API Health
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