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We provide a range of tools to help you configure, build and debug your Facebook apps. Once they are launched, you can also use Insights - together with our many promotional features - to help them become successful.
Learning to use the APIs
Graph API Explorer
The Graph API Explorer is the easiest way to get started and learn the Graph API.
Object Browser
The Object Browser lets you browse and edit objects that you've created with the Object API.
JavaScript Test Console
A simple way to learn, test and debug the Facebook SDK for Javascript. It also includes a large number of working examples.
Creating, managing and testing your App
App Dashboard
Provides a single dashboard for creating and managing your Facebook apps.
Insights Dashboard
Insights provides analytics on your Facebook Pages, Facebook Apps and for the Social Plugins on your website. The Insights Dashboard makes it easy to see how Facebook users are interacting with your content, and the Insights API allow you to integrate the data with third party reporting systems.
Beta Tier
Before we push the latest code to the production tiers, we first push it to the beta tier. You can test your apps against the beta tier to find issues before they impact your production apps.
Test Users
You can create test users for the purposes of testing your apps. Test users cannot interact with real users, but have nearly all the functionality of real user accounts. You can create test users through the App Dashboard and programmatically via the Graph API.
Developer Alerts
Whenever there's a change in the status of your app, review change or an API alert you will receive notifications in the app dashboard.
Open Graph Debugger
Helps you debug your Open Graph pages. Having problems with the Like button or our other Social Plugins? Start here.
Access Token Tool
Gives you a valid access_token for any app you own for easy testing. There is also a linter to debug access_tokens, to test token expiry and to see which permissions a user has granted to an app.
Promote Your App
Facebook Ads Manager
Help new users discover your app by running a campaign using Facebook Ads and Sponsored stories. This tool helps you create ads, setup sponsored stories, set your budget, and measure the impact of your campaign.
Power Editor
Power Editor is an advanced tool for power users who want to run and manage a large number of campaigns with additional targeting options. You will need the Chrome browser to run Power Editor.
Action Spec Preview Tool
You can preview a sponsored story as it appears in the news feed and right hand side column. Also, you can see reach estimates for the sponsored story.
Third Party Resources
Facebook Technology Partners
If you develop for platforms or languages other than iOS, Android, PHP or JavaScript, then you'll want to check out these SDKs, plugins and services that include deep Facebook integration. These resources built by Facebook Technology Partners enable you to make your apps and sites more social.
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