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22 Oct 2013 - 07 Sep 2015
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30 Iraqis Killed As Summer Heat Makes Them Easy Targets
Wednesday: 30 Killed, 42 Wounded
by Margaret Griffis, July 17, 2013
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Iraqis seeking relief from the summer heat have become easy marks for insurgents. Swimmers were again targeted today, as well as Iraqis taking evening breaks at cafes. At least 30 were killed and 42 more were wounded​.
In Mosul, a bomb killed seven people, including a boy, and wounded 21 more at a cafe. Two policemen were killed and three others were wounded in an attack on a checkpoint.
Three children were killed and four others were wounded when a bomb targeting swimmers in Muqdadiya exploded. It is the second attack on swimmers this week. The three killed were children​. Separately, a roadside bomb killed a policeman and wounded another. Also, an attack against a sheikh in Jumaili left his wife dead and three family members wounded​.
Gunmen attacked the Tikrit home of a police officer who is a companion to the police chief. During the attack three policemen and a gunmen were killed. Another policeman was wounded​.
Gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in the Thar Thar region, but the policemen were able to return fire and kill three of them.
An I.E.D. in Hammam al-Alil killed two policemen and wounded one more.
Two soldiers were shot dead in Ramadi​.
in Kirkuk, gunmen wounded a bodyguard working for a military official. An I.E.D. targeting a police chief left no casualties​. Two Peshmerga fighters were wounded in a shooting.
Two soldiers and three gunmen were killed in an attack in al-Jazeera​.
In Baghdad​, a bomb at an Adhamiya cafe killed one person and wounded six more.
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Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.
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