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One dead after Thursday attack on minister
One person has died after being injured in a bomb attack on Thursday, which was aimed at assassinating Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, announced the health ministry on Friday.   Read More
Egyptian protester killed as thousands demonstrate
One person was killed on Friday in the Egyptian province of Damietta during protests called by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies against Egypt's army-backed government, a medical official said.   Read More
Brotherhood supporters march to presidential palace
Dozens of protesters supporting Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood marched from Cairo's Heliopolis district to the Ittihadiya presidential palace on Friday to protest what they described as a "military coup", an Aswat Masriya witness reported.   Read More
Clashes erupt in Alexandria following Friday prayers
Minor clashes erupted between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and their opponents outside al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria on Friday, an Aswat Masriya eyewitness reported.   Read More
Egypt set for legal action against Brotherhood as protests promised
Egypt's army-backed government has decided to annul the Muslim Brotherhood's legal registration within days, a newspaper said on Friday, pressing a crackdown on deposed President Mohamed Mursi's movement.   Read More
Army secures Tahrir Square entrances
Security and military presence intensified on Friday in Tahrir Square prior to Friday prayers in preparation for the protests against the military planned by the Islamist national coalition to support legitimacy, reported the state-owned news agency.   Read More
Police death toll since mid-August reaches 117 - MIO
The police death toll since the crackdown on the Islamist's protest camps mid-August has reached 117 people, whereas the inured were 1063, the interior ministry announced on Friday.   Read More
Bomb explodes in Arish near int'l airport
A bomb exploded on the road to Arish's International Airport in North Sinai on Friday, security sources said.   Read More
Egypt decides to dissolve Brotherhood NGO - report
Egypt's army-backed government has decided to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood as a registered non-governmental organisation, a state-run newspaper reported on Friday, pressing a crackdown on deposed President Mohamed Mursi's movement.   Read More
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June 30: Mubarak's state reinstated?
The concept of suspending some rights and freedoms of individuals to face an imminent danger is agreed upon in several democratic states. However, procedures and implications of declaring state of emergency differ from one country to another showing the difference between democratic and repressive regimes. Additionally, when this “danger” lasts for a long time, regimes become more or less repressive by nature, as suspension of rights and freedoms would become predominant instead of exceptional.   Read More

Muslim Brotherhood newspaper soldiers on despite Egypt crackdown
Whenever Muslim Brotherhood journalist Islam Tawfiq files a story about the group's struggle for survival for its newspaper Freedom and Justice, he fears his Internet address will tip off state security agents to his whereabouts.   Read More

Egypt lacks "pharaoh" to provide for unsettled nation
The pharaohs of Egypt's Fourth Dynasty knew what they were doing. As soon as they ascended the throne, they began building a pyramid that would not only see them through to the afterlife, but also give work and purpose to an unsettled nation.   Read More

With Brotherhood out, old order shapes Egypt's future
Workers in blue overalls clamber over scaffolding around Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, whitewashing its charred walls to restore a semblance of normalcy to the corner of Cairo where the struggle for Egypt reached a bloody climax this month.   Read More

Gulf Islamists irked as monarchs back Egypt's generals
A scuffle broke the reflective atmosphere of Friday prayers in Riyadh's al-Ferdous mosque after the imam deplored the recent bloody crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters by the military in nearby Egypt.   Read More

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