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Assad ally said to defect, Putin chides US on Syria
By Reuters | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
President Bashar al-Assad's former defence minister has reportedly fled Syria, the most senior of his Alawite sect to defect
Syrian exodus to go on if chemical attack ignored - Turkey
Russia blames rebels for March chemical attack in Syria
A protester waves signs against U.S. military intervention in Syria
Female Jewish worshippers pray in front of the men's section at the Western Wall
A man jumps over a water stream on a beach along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai
Shuttlecocks are scattered inside a damaged gymnasium at Hokuyo junior high school, north of Tokyo
How is Syria's civil war impacting the region?
Human Rights Watch
Tropical Storm Risk
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch
By Alisa Tang | Thu, 5 Sep 2013
By Maria Caspani | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Kizito Makoye | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Misha Hussain | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
Battling through the malaria season in the Democratic ...
World Malaria Day 2013
By Alisa Tang | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
Thailand arrests suspected leader of human trafficking gang
Thailand's migrant workers extorted while trying to go legal
By Reuters | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Megan Rowling | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Alison Kentish | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Katy Migiro | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
Big banks join forces to fight human trafficking
Foundation and Manhattan DA launch anti-slavery initiative
By Stian Reklev | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Reuters | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
By Lisa Anderson | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
In Kenya Land Rights Bring New Hope for Girls
S.African women rights at risk as Zuma woos tribal chiefs
By Reuters | Wed, 4 Sep 2013
Quake jolts southern Japan, felt in Tokyo
Images for Impact- How an image can trigger change
Trust Women scholarships: apply now
Nominate your women’s rights hero
A more resilient future for India’s slumdwellers?
Better planning could give the poor of Madurai a better chance
China graft purge needs carrot as well as stick
Has anything in China changed since the last anti-corruption crackdown?
Bribery in China - 10 lessons from recent cases
TI-UK's executive director asks whether it is possible to do business in China without contravening the UK Bribery Act and if the Chinese government is serious about tackling corruption?
How old is old enough to be jailed for gang rape and murder?
Should retribution or reform be the leading consideration in punishing juveniles convicted of serious crimes in India? Wide-ranging debate after juvenile is found guilty in Delhi gang rape/murder case
Turning to drawing, role-playing and 3D maps
Teaching a "landscape approach" to land use can help balance competing demands
Venezuela's hair robbers - an attack against femininity?
Thieves cut off women’s hair at gunpoint to sell to beauty salons - a crime that can be seen as a symbol of violence against women and their bodies, and part of Venezuela’s damaging culture of beauty
ON THE AGENDA: Gangs, stolen babies and the “Good Economy"
From the war in Syria, to gang culture in the UK, to the rights of women and children from India to Guatemala, take a look at what our journalists are reporting on this week
Mumbai gang rape shows India limps on women's safety
Eight months on since the high-profile gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus, reports have emerged that a similar crime has been committed against a photo journalist in an abandoned mill in the financial hub
Behind the Brands: Oxfam ranks big food
By Erinch Sahan and Will Martindale
Oxfam looked at how the big 10 food and beverage companies - Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola, Mars, Pepsico, Mondelez, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s and Associated British Foods - are managing their supply chains and the results were disappointing
Recognising war victims - key step towards Colombia's peace?
The government and FARC have admitted their responsibility for human rights violations, but now need to offer a public apology and ensure those responsible for war crimes are punished
Romancing the floating garden
A reality check may be in order as Bangladesh considers its climate adaptation options
Mitigation alone can leave communities vulnerable - study
Looking at community adaptation, as well as forest preservation, is key
Lawyers need to brake their bribe-case gravy train
Ethics rules require a lawyer's fees to be reasonable. In bribery cases, that standard is at risk of becoming corrupted
What really happens when journalists meet
By Khahliso Santho
Reflections on a training course in Johannesburg
By Melanie Cheary
Read about how TRF travelled to Mumbai to help financial journalists
The absence of will
Prime Minister Cameron has said that he personally supports a public register of the real owners of companies but when it came to the G8, he stopped just short of taking that step
Syria: the pace quickens - but towards what?
By Dan Smith
Although a western military intervention in Syria now looks almost inevitable, its purpose and scope remain obscure
Rethinking microfinance's role in fight against poverty
By Green Shoots Foundation
Can we still look at microfinance as the ultimate tool in the fight against poverty or should we agree with its detractors that it is useless?
The dream of social justice
Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago spoke of a nation where people are judged by their character, not their skin color, yet race continues to matter profoundly in civil society and politics in America
Changing the 'Black Mass' in the Yemeni capital
If Yemeni women dressed more colourfully in public, they might gain the confidence to express their individuality and take their rightful place in rebuilding the country and deciding its future

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