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Arab and Middle East unrest
Saturday 21 September 2013
Healthcare workers in Syria need international protection
'Healthcare workers and the injured are protected entities within international humanitarian law but here they are deemed high value targets.' Photograph: George Ourfalian/Reuters
Saleyha Ahsan: The Assad regime still poses a significant risk to civilians, doctors, the injured and those seeking medical attention
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Posted by
Saleyha Ahsan
09.00 EDT
Friday 20 September 2013
Martin Rowson on Syria – cartoon
Martin Rowson cartoon 21.09.13. Photograph: Martin Rowson 2013
Syria's deputy prime minister says the war has reached a stalemate
Posted by
Martin Rowson
18.10 EDT
Wednesday 18 September 2013
Syria: the story of a revolution - video
Filmmaker and adviser to rebel fighters Matthew VanDyke is taken around the ruined streets of Aleppo by an FSA fighter and photographer, who describe how the war has changed the lives of Syrians for ever
Posted by
Matthew VanDyke
08.02 EDT
Friday 13 September 2013
On Syria, Putin is a modern Machiavelli – and that's a good thing
President Barack Obama shakes hands with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 in St Petersburg, Russia. Photograph: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
Vadim Nikitin: The Russian president's New York Times op-ed was a scathing indictment of Barack Obama's morality-based foreign policy
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Posted by
Vadim Nikitin
11.29 EDT
Saturday 7 September 2013
The special relationship still lives on between Britain and the US
Syrians gather to identify some of the victims of an alleged nerve gas attack. Photograph: AP
Matthew Barzun: A belief in the democratic process is what binds the countries together in responding to the crisis in Syria
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Posted by
Matthew Barzun
14.33 EDT
Friday 6 September 2013
G20 and Syria: a forlorn display
Editorial: The St Petersburg summit shows that while the US has no real global rivals, it can no longer rely on getting its own way
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Posted by
15.17 EDT
Syria: forget it's Tony Blair speaking, and his questions seem sensible
'Tony Blair makes the perfect case study for the psychologist’s chair.' Photograph: Mauricia Lima/AFP/Getty Images
John Kampfner: Blair is still in denial over Iraq, but are we prepared to leave a rights-based international law to others, or to no one at all?
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Posted by
John Kampfner
12.48 EDT
Syria is a pseudo-struggle
Demonstrators protest against President Assad in Qara, near Damascus. Photograph: Handout/Reuters
Slavoj Žižek: The ongoing struggle we see is a false one, lacking the kind of radical-emancipatory opposition clearly perceptible in Egypt
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Posted by
Slavoj Žižek
08.42 EDT
Wednesday 4 September 2013
Syrian intervention: the Russian people are sceptics, not barbarians
'It is a collective fear of aiding radical Islamists that partially informs the Russian public as it supports the Kremlin’s line on Syria.' Photograph: Stringer/Reuters
Natalia Antonova: It is wariness of Syrian rebels, not callousness towards the dead, that drives any Russian opposition towards intervention
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Posted by
Natalia Antonova
10.28 EDT
Monday 2 September 2013
Chemical export licences for Syria – just another UK deal with a dictator
Defence Systems and Equipment International arms fair at the Excel Centre, Docklands, London. Photograph: Rex Features
Nick Dearden: Britain is in no position to lecture on human rights when Vince Cable's authorisation follows a long history of arms sales
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Posted by
Nick Dearden
10.30 EDT
The west's threat to attack Syria is an idiotic gesture
A mother and father weep over their child's body killed in a suspected chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, Syria. Photograph: REX/Erbin News/NurPhoto
Simon Jenkins: First thoughts: A sceptical public recognises the futility of launching a missile strike that will not topple Bashar al-Assad
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Posted by
Simon Jenkins
05.03 EDT
Sunday 1 September 2013
Syria: the US public faces a grim reality TV choice
Illustration by Andrzej Krauze
Jonathan Steele: Obama is asking a jury of safe spectators to press the yes or no button for military strikes. Will they vote for an end to empire?
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Posted by
Jonathan Steele
13.15 EDT
Saturday 31 August 2013
From Suez to Iraq, the lessons of our past cast a long shadow over Syria
Peter Beaumont: Public opinion, like old generals, is always preparing to fight the last war
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Posted by
Peter Beaumont
10.30 EDT
After the Syria vote, Britain must not sleepwalk into isolationism
The Labour leader Ed Miliband addresses the House of Commons during the debate on whether Britain should take military action against Syria. Photograph: Reuters
Paddy Ashdown: Labour has placed in question not only its tradition of internationalism but the future of progressive politics in the UK
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Posted by
Paddy Ashdown
10.21 EDT
Syria vote: a corner has been turned on the road to peace
People outside the houses of parlliament protest against a military attack on Syria from the US, Britain or France. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP
Andrew Murray: It is now clear, as indeed it was in 2003, that most people have no wish to embroil Britain militarily in the Middle East
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Posted by
Andrew Murray
05.00 EDT
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