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31 Jul 2013 - 09 Mar 2021
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Comment is free 16hr 56min ago
Angela Merkel: Germany's mother
20 Sep 2013: Ben Knight: The German chancellor has somehow become a 'Mutti' to the nation. Victory beckons again
Comment is free 22hr 35min ago
Is masturbating in public a laughing matter?
20 Sep 2013:
Holly Baxter: Sweden says it's OK to masturbate in public, so long as you're not doing it at any one in particular. But society lets the al-fresco onanist off at its peril
Comment is free 1 day ago
We waited for my uncle for 35 years. Now I finally know what happened
19 Sep 2013: Nushin Arbabzadah: In Afghanistan, the names of 5,000 killed by the regime between 1978 and 1979 have been revealed. Baqir was on the list
You told us 1 day ago
Golden Dawn is growing – Europe must help curb the rise of the far right
19 Sep 2013: George Iordanou: You told us: The inability of both the Greek and Cypriot states to stand up to fascist groups is a call to action at European level
Andrew Brown's blog 1 day ago
Filth in the holy water. So what?
19 Sep 2013: Andrew Brown: There may be faecal bacteria in fonts and springs, but this does not alter its spiritual value. The real contamination lies elsewhere
Comment is free 2 days ago
Why Labour must rule out an EU referendum now
18 Sep 2013: Julian Priestley: Committing to an in/out referendum would de disastrous for Labour's election prospects – and the country's economic ones
Comment is free 3 days ago
Vladimir Putin can preen himself over Syria but the pressure on him is intense
18 Sep 2013: Simon Jenkins: The Russian leader has cunningly upstaged Obama. But now he's the dominant player, his own reputation is on the line
Comment is free 3 days ago
Germany: An election that affects us all
17 Sep 2013: Editorial: Mrs Merkel's re-election would ensure a stability at the centre of the EU which offers some hope of effective new thinking
Cif belief 3 days ago
Getting shot over a philosophical argument? You Kant be serious
17 Sep 2013: Peter Thompson: You wouldn't expect the rationalist Immanuel Kant to spark a shooting. Maybe Nietzsche was involved?
Comment is free 4 days ago
Full-face veils aren't barbaric – but our response can be
17 Sep 2013:
Maleiha Malik: The veil is a perfectly proper subject for debate in a liberal democracy – so long as Muslim women are not excluded
Response 4 days ago
To claim that the EU is keener to stop refugees than help them is wrong
16 Sep 2013: Štefan Füle: Response: EU funds for Morocco help to protect migrants' rights, not to undermine them
You told us 4 days ago
I hope Syria will not suffer western intervention – I have lived it
16 Sep 2013: Jasmina Tesanovic: You told us: In Belgrade in 1999, as the air-raids became regular and widespread, we lived on instinct, and in constant fear
Comment is free 5 days ago
Syria: the deal that only goes so far
15 Sep 2013:
Editorial: Taking chemical weapons off the battlefield will be little relief to civilians and no help to the Free Syrian Army
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Top stories
Ten years on, what Britain can learn from the Swedish euro referendum
Mats Persson: Sweden's people were proved right in saying no to the euro. A slimmed-down EU may be the rational outcome of Cameron's in/out referendum
Why Anders Breivik is welcome at our university
Ole Petter Ottersen: Having been admitted to study political science, Breivik will have to read about democracy and justice
Poland must rediscover the true meaning of solidarity
Spain has let Catalonia down, now it must let it go
Italy's racism is embedded
Syria is François Hollande's toughest test yet
Pierre Haski: Since the surprise British vote and the consequent US decision, the French president has been on the defensive
Russia calls on Syria to hand over chemical weapons
Syrian president Assad threatens 'repercussions' if US launches strikes
US gives Syria one week to surrender chemical weapons or face attack
When it comes to youth beauty pageants, France 'ne comprend pas'
Delesia Watson: I competed in my first pageant at 15. France's plan to ban child pageants won't address the real issues of overly sexualised girls
Are Americans happy?
The UN ranks the US a satisfactory but hardly euphoric 17th out of 156 countries in its latest World Happiness Report. Happy?
More on France
The German elections will test David Cameron's luck
Michael White: Angela Merkel has been patient so far over Cameron's Euroscepticism. But the elections could change everything
The German election results will burst Britain's Eurosceptic bubble
Jochen Hung: The UK media can say what they like, but Angela Merkel will not move her country an inch from its place at the heart of the EU
More on Germany
It's absurd that Golden Dawn is being allowed to hound my friend into court
Maria Margaronis: The trial of Savvas Michael-Matsas, one of the few Jewish public intellectuals in Greece, is a cheap sop to neo-Nazis
Greece doesn't need yet another 'rescue' package – it needs a way out
Costas Lapavitsas: If threatened by Germany with exit from the euro, Greece should not blink, but instead do what's needed to save its economy
More on Greece
Spain has let Catalonia down, now it must let it go
Francesc Homs: The government in Madrid stands in the way of an independent Catalonia. We march on our national day for a referendum
Remembering Chile's 9/11: democracy's final triumph over General Pinochet
Baltasar Garzón: Forty years after the bloody US-backed coup, it is Salvador Allende's vision of peace, justice and solidarity that has prevailed
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