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31 Jul 2013 - 12 Oct 2015
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On the anniversary of 9/11, don't forget Iraqi refugees
11 Sep 2013:
Shant Shahrigian: Let's honor the 9/11 victims by supporting those in the Arab and Muslim worlds who seek a better life in the US
I was an Iraqi refugee. I keep thinking of the 2 million displaced Syrians
11 Sep 2013:
Aseel Machi: My family was forced to flee Iraq in 1991. Now Syrian refugees face similar hardships and are at the mercy of other nations
The New York Times was right to send reporters on a refugee boat to Australia
10 Sep 2013:
Oliver Laughland: Although Joel van Houdt and Luke Mogelson have yet to publish a single word from their trip, they have borne witness to an event shrouded in a state-sanctioned narrative
The action we can take on Syria
9 Sep 2013:
Valerie Amos: The world is divided on a response to chemical weapons, but we must unite behind the UN's humanitarian aid to the Syrian people
Humanitarian crisis: Syria's nightmare
4 Sep 2013:
Editorial: The UN, as the number of refugees passed the 2 million mark, has declared Syria the 21st century's worst crisis
Syria crisis: should Australia follow Obama's lead?
29 Aug 2013:
David Donaldson: For Rudd to stand by the US is a risk-free policy: if it goes badly, it will be Obama's fault – but if it goes well, it will be claimed as a moral victory. But it doesn't make it right
The anger of Syria's child refugees will be felt for years to come
23 Aug 2013:
António Guterres and Anthony Lake: There are now 1 million Syrian child refugees. More must be done to stop the conflict laying waste to the next generation
We wouldn't treat animals the way we treat refugees
21 Aug 2013:
Julian Burnside: If either party were promising to be cruel to animals, it would lose the election. But being cruel to asylum seekers is now a national sport in Australia, and our national character is being redefined
Europe's treatment of asylum seekers is driven by fear of the unfortunate
12 Aug 2013:
Tanya Gold: Violence against migrants is on the rise. Why are the privileged so scared of those in need?
Syria: there is worse to come
8 Aug 2013:
Editorial: Without the international will to stop it, the Syrian conflict has fuel enough to burn for a long time
Malta needs EU help to cope with its immigration crisis
4 Aug 2013:
Jessica Abrahams: Malta receives the highest number of asylum applications in the world in relation to its population. Only EU help can alleviate a growing sense of despair
Australia's 'stop the boats' policy is cynical and lawless
29 Jul 2013:
John Pilger: From Aborigines to refugees, bashing the vulnerable wins votes in what is still a crudely racist country
The readers' editor on… the 4.9m Palestinians left out of the refugee data
28 Jul 2013:
Open door: Chris Elliott: The only Palestinians who do appear in the UN refugee agency statistics are 94,804 in countries where UNWRA doesn't operate
All we can do for Syria now is donate to the relief effort
25 Jul 2013:
Timothy Garton Ash: Politics is blocked – a solution to the cause of the crisis is not likely any time soon. But we can at least treat the symptoms
Syrian refugees: no way home
24 Jul 2013:
Editorial: The emergency arrangements of the last two years have evolved into permanent, often sad, communities
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