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Brotherhood's Mahdy Akef transferred to army hospital
Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdy Akef was transferred from Torah Prison to the Maadi military hospital on Thursday, a security source from the interior ministry said.   Read More
Egypt receives $2 billion deposit from Kuwait
Egypt's central bank has received a $2 billion deposit from Kuwait, the governor said on Thursday.   Read More
First draft of amended constitution out next week – Moussa
Amr Moussa, the head of the 50-member constituent assembly amending Egypt’s suspended constitution, said on Wednesday that the first draft of the amendments will be released to the public in the first week of October.   Read More
Policemen sentenced to two months for torturing suspects
An Egyptian misdemeanor court sentenced two State Security policemen to two months, with labor, on Wednesday, on charges of torturing two suspects in 2011.   Read More
Egypt court sentences five Mursi supporters to jail
A Cairo court ordered on Wednesday the arrest of five people, who supported deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, for six month with a bail of 26, 000 Egyptian pounds.   Read More
Egypt to partially reopen border crossing with Gaza Strip
Egypt will reopen its border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Saturday for three days, allowing students and people with humanitarian needs to cross in and out of the Palestinian territory, Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo Barakat al-Fara said.   Read More
Egypt shuts headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood newspaper
Egyptian authorities have shut down the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice newspaper in Cairo, the latest move aimed at crushing the Islamist movement, the Brotherhood said on Wednesday.   Read More
Egypt government postpones dissolution of Brotherhood
The Egyptian government will not dissolve Muslim Brotherhood until all litigation steps are exhausted   Read More
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Brotherhood leaders liken Egypt jail cells to graves
Murad Ali says he was put in a foul-smelling cell on death row, sleeping on a concrete floor, and denied light and human contact after his arrest in Egypt's crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. "It was as dark as a grave," he wrote in a letter addressed to friends and family and seen by Reuters.   Read More

Egyptian welcome mat pulled out from under Syrian refugees
Syrian Ghassan el-Shahada enjoyed tolerance and an affordable life when he first fled to Egypt as a refugee. But everything changed after the army took over in July.   Read More

June 30: Mubarak's state reinstated?
The concept of suspending some rights and freedoms of individuals to face an imminent danger is agreed upon in several democratic states. However, procedures and implications of declaring state of emergency differ from one country to another showing the difference between democratic and repressive regimes. Additionally, when this “danger” lasts for a long time, regimes become more or less repressive by nature, as suspension of rights and freedoms would become predominant instead of exceptional.   Read More

Muslim Brotherhood newspaper soldiers on despite Egypt crackdown
Whenever Muslim Brotherhood journalist Islam Tawfiq files a story about the group's struggle for survival for its newspaper Freedom and Justice, he fears his Internet address will tip off state security agents to his whereabouts.   Read More

Egypt lacks "pharaoh" to provide for unsettled nation
The pharaohs of Egypt's Fourth Dynasty knew what they were doing. As soon as they ascended the throne, they began building a pyramid that would not only see them through to the afterlife, but also give work and purpose to an unsettled nation.   Read More

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