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Children lured from Rwanda to fight with Congo rebels - UN
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
A third of child soldiers who have escaped from Congolese rebel group M23 were lured from Rwanda with promises of cash, jobs and education, U.N. says
Congo's Kabila pledges to implement reforms after national dialogue
INTERVIEW-Stop asking me how to fix Congo, says Rwanda's Kagame
Muslim women react to the loss of their homes which were burnt down in recent violence in Myanmar
Abu Ali, an 84-year-old whom activists say is the oldest F.S.A. fighter in Deir al-Zor, runs to avoid snipers
A Free Syrian Army fighter walks down the stairs of the damaged former Immigration and Passport building in Aleppo
Flowers planted in used tear gas canisters are seen on land Palestinians reclaimed two years ago
Refugees and displacement
Tropical Storm Risk
Tropical Storm Risk
Tropical Storm Risk
Inter Press Service
Tropical Storm Risk
Tropical Storm Risk
Inter Press Service
Tropical Storm Risk
Tropical Storm Risk
Tropical Storm Risk
By Reuters | Sun, 6 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sun, 6 Oct 2013
Suicide bombers target Iraq Shi'ites, killing 60
By Reuters | Sun, 6 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sun, 6 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sun, 6 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Sat, 5 Oct 2013
Search for victims of Sicily migrant wreck postponed
By Reuters | Fri, 4 Oct 2013
By Reuters | Fri, 4 Oct 2013
By Misha Hussain | Fri, 4 Oct 2013
The Guardian interviews Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO
Trust Women now CPD accredited for legal professionals
Evolving media models: A lesson from the New York Times
India's surrogacy tourism: exploitation or empowerment?
Many Indian fertility clinics and banks advertise surrogacy services online, providing information for overseas clients from countries such as Britain, the United States and Australia.
Virgin wives of the fetish Gods - Ghana’s trokosi tradition
By Veronique Mistiaen
Despite official ban of age-old practice of "trokosi" - sending girls to shrines as slaves to serve priests and protect their family from the gods' anger - Ghanaian authorities prefer to end it by persuasion rather than compulsion
Lack of water and sanitation hurts women and girls the most
By Lisa Schechtman
It is time to stop talking and start accelerating efforts to ensure universal access to safe water, sanitation. Health, education, safety, dignity, and basic survival are on the line
Can ex-FARC fighters win hearts and minds in Colombia?
Perhaps the biggest challenge the government faces is not persuading rebels to desert but convincing more Colombians to forgive ex-fighters and accept them back into society
Corruption and peacekeeping: Getting it right
By Hiruy Gossaye
Peacekeeping is about protecting citizens and bringing stability, but when corruption gets in the way, it does nothing but the opposite, perpetuating conflict and increasing corruption.
Foundation runs first 'Backpack journalism' course in ...
By Bill Gentile
'Leftover women' find support in Shanghai LGBT hangout
Social and family pressures make it difficult for lesbians and gays to come out in China, but the Internet has enabled them to meet online, and cafes like ROOMS mean they can get together in person
Securing land tenure in REDD+ projects is complex
A study compares tenure security across different forest projects, and finds there is no one-size-fits-all solution
Meet Kazol, ready for the next disaster
The International Day for Disaster Reduction on Oct. 13 will highlight the needs of disabled people in emergencies, and their contribution to DRR
Stalin makes a comeback in his native Georgia
The Soviet dictator is both an object of pride and a nagging reminder of Moscow’s lingering influence in Georgia after its disastrous war with Russia
UN must agree Syria aid access this week
UN negotiators are in race against time to finalise deal – children’s lives depend on it
Edible vine improves women’s livelihoods in Cameroon
'When I make 35,000 francs a week, it is important for me. It is with this money that we pay our children’s school fees, take care of our health, and buy clothing.'
Traditional knowledge fuels climate adaptation in Ghana
'There’s much we can learn from indigenous, traditional and community-based approaches to natural disaster preparedness'
ON THE AGENDA: Dakar’s water crisis and the return of Stalin
From special reports about stoning and India's rent-a-womb industry to violent protests in Dakar over water shortages and Stalin's revival in Georgia - find out what our correspondents are covering this week
International donors and Cambodia - where is the leverage?
Rights groups have urged donors repeatedly to withhold funds due to a crackdown on protests and activists and escalating land grabs and forced evictions.
UN report on climate change: 5 major takeaways
By James Bradbury & C. Forbes Tompkins, WRI
More advanced science in new IPCC report suggests leaders must act boldly to ensure a safe and stable climate
Women's health: we can't wait any longer
Although we have made great strides in many areas of public health—for example, in access to prevention, treatment and care for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and the control of malaria—we have dropped the ball on maternal and reproductive health.
The numbers must add up in development financing
By Steve Lewis
There are two major questions being asked in New York this week: what will come next in the new development framework and how can this crucial work be paid for
The effect of El Salvadorian abortion laws on the vulnerable
By Eleanor Klibanoff
An El Savadorian teenager speaks out about her fears after she decided to have a secret and illegal abortion following her rape
Geoengineering rules needed sooner rather than later
We should have governance of climate change’s ‘Plan B’ in place before it becomes a reality

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