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Thursday 10, October 2013
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Ramses square, 6 October 2013
Clashes erupted between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces in Cairo Ramsis square on Sunday, October 6 2013. Emad Ahmed/Aswat Masriya
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One killed as Brotherhood supporters march on central Cairo
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At least 51 dead in clashes
One killed as Brotherhood supporters march on central Cairo
Egypt, Israel mark anniverary of 1973 war
Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood, seizes funds
Egypt Police Storm Area On Cairo Outskirts
Literary figure Ahdaf Soueif protests military trials of civilians
"Curfew Library" keeps Egypt youth busy during unrest
Egypt's Brotherhood under legal threat as bomb hits central Cairo
Explosions seen at tunnels area between Gaza And Egypt
Egypt's copts want government protection
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A metro entrance turns into a garbage dump in Tahrir square

Protesters clash with riot police near the Syrian embassy in Cairo

Bearded policemen protest by interior ministry

On the fourth anniversary of the Duwaiqa rock sliding disaster ..Reuters archives 6 Sep.2008

Egyptian Teachers Revolt

Anti-sexual harassment graffiti in Egypt's downtown

Ahmed Zewail talks to the constitution committee at the Shura Council

Angry protesters by U.S. embassy in Cairo

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