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27 Jan 2013 - 25 Feb 2014

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J.K. Rowling, and a look at startlingly honest press statements
Rowling's law firm, which was the leak of her ghost author identity, took responsibility by offering a very detailed apology.
By Emily Yahr|Books|July 19
Josh Friedland on @ruthbourdain and Twitter’s anniversary
The food writer behind the mysterious Twitter handle talks about keeping his identity a secret and the various uses for the social media platform.
By Cara Kelly|Media|July 15
Roger Ailes wows conservatives in accepting Bradley prize
Fox News chief Roger Ailes wows conservatives in accepting Bradley Foundation prize.
By Paul Farhi|Media|June 13
JIF vs. GIF: Make your case
How do you pronounce ‘GIF’?
By Marie Elizabeth Oliver|Media|May 22
Politico pulls Josh Holmes ad in new ad campaign
Politico’s latest house ads raised a few eyebrows around Washington this week when a new batch of promotions featured Josh Holmes, chief of staff to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)
By Paul Farhi|Media|May 17
Coachella: Twitter #Music and highlights from Weekend 1
The social media service unveiled their new music sharing app in time for the second weekend, and chronicled some of the best moments from weekend one.
By Cara Kelly|Media|April 19
Equals sign mashup spreads like red wildfire
As that red math symbol became so Web-ubiquitous, the twists on the Human Rights Campaign logo sprang up but irresistibly.
By Michael Cavna|Art|March 27
Happy 7th birthday, Twitter, you monster
To "celebrate," here's a top-10 list of stories on The Meaning of Twitter.
By Dan Zak|Media|March 21
The artistry of George W. Bush
Reviewing the amateur paintings of former President George W. Bush isn’t the same as, say, reviewing the saxophone playing of Bill Clinton.
By Philip Kennicott|Art|February 8
In defense of the ‘Hirshhorn bubble’
Skeptics fear the addition is a distraction from the core mission of the museum, but what happens inside the bubble will be the ultimate test of whether it was a good idea.
By Philip Kennicott|Art|February 8
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