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16 Oct 2011 - 15 Feb 2017
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Al-Geel al-Dimuqrati (Democratic Generation Party)
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The Democratic Generation Party was established on February 9, 2002 by Nagi al-Shihaby, former member of the Shura Council. The party has a clear leftist leaning and has taken radical positions on foreign policy. The party won one seat in the 2010 People’s Assembly elections but played no part in the January 2011 uprising. It joined the Democratic Alliance for the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections.
Major Party Figures:
Nagi al-Shihaby: President
The Democratic Generation Party was launched as a party with a radical ideology at a time when its chances of significant electoral success were non-existent. Al-Shihaby has personally expressed his support for Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and maintains that the United States poses the greatest threat to Arab and Islamic countries.  After the uprising, al-Geel has somewhat moderated its stance. While still advocating for a strong role for labor unions, it has fallen in line with the mainstream, calling for free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections and constitutional amendments, engagement of youth for more comprehensive development of government, and, in general, relatively moderate reforms, as seen in its platform.
Political Issues:
Socioeconomic Issues:
Foreign Policy Issues:
Parliamentary Representation:
Shura Council Elections
1 seat

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