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27 Jan 2009 - 8 Jan 2015
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       Iraqi Land Transport 2.52 2.6       
Iraq National Football Team losses to its Saudi counterpart 0-2
15/10/2013 20:32:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Iraq National Football team lost against its Saudi counterpart 0-2 in the match played on Tuesday evening, Oct. 15, at Amman International Stadium in Jordan, within the third round of Asian Third Group for the Asian 2015 Cup. Firs   ... more>>
Iraq wins on Pakistan in Asian soccer qualification.
10/10/2013 17:37:00
Baghdad/ NINA /--Iraq's youth soccer team achieved the second win on his Pakistani counterpart , 3 - zero in the match that took place between the two teams this afternoon in Francois Hariri Stadium in Arbil within the third Asian soccer qualifying g   ... more>>
General Secretary of the Council of Ministers: withdrawal from Gulf Championship came because unfair attitudes and measures against Iraqi sport.
10/10/2013 13:14:00
Baghdad/ NINA /--General-Secretary of the Council of Ministers Ali al-Allaq announced that the decision of withdrawal of Iraq from Gulf Championship came because of the unfair attitudes and measures against Iraqi sport. Allaq said in a statement   ... more>>
Gulf Cup 22 in Jeddah instead of Basra
08/10/2013 15:27:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Heads of Gulf football unions decided to move Gulf Cup / 22 / from Basra to Jeddah. The semi-official, Al-Iraqiya said that The heads of GCC unions decided to shift Gulf Cup 22, which was suppose to be held in Basra, to Jeddah.   ... more>>
BREAKING NEWS Khaleej 22 tournament moved from Basra to Saudi Arabia 23/07/2013 23:23:00
Council of Ministers grants U-20 Iraqi team and military team 10 Millions and a land 16/07/2013 13:33:00
Iraq moves to the semifinal of the World Football Cup 07/07/2013 21:53:00
Large marches roam the streets of the Turkish city Antalya to celebrate the youth team's victory 04/07/2013 11:14:00
Karbala football coach died 30/06/2013 08:37:00
Large demonstration in Karbala in protest against the attack on the coach Mohammed Abbas 27/06/2013 12:37:00
Coach Petrovic arrives in Baghdad to sign his contract. 06/03/2013 11:17:00
UAE beats Iraq, wins the championship of Gulf 21 Tournament 18/01/2013 21:34:00
Iraqi Ministry of Youth contacts Bahrain to permit 1200 Iraqis to cheer Iraqi team in the final Gulf Cup. 16/01/2013 12:52:00
Iraqi weightlifter win a Gold Medal in the Asian Youth Championship.​10/11/2012 13:27:00
Nijaifi meets with Iraqi delegation to the Paralympics in London 01/09/2012 00:19:00
Soccer National team leaves for South Korea to participate in a training camp. 31/08/2012 11:50:00
Zico invites 27 players to meet Japan next month. 20/08/2012 14:46:00
The president of Iraq Mission to Olympic Games heads to London.15/07/2012 11:13:00
Mway Tai National team up to Vietnam to participate in Asia champion. 07/07/2012 16:51:00
Three medals for Iraq in Judo west Asia Championship in Jordan.07/07/2012 16:10:00
Iraqi team heads to Jeddah and plays with Lebanon on Sunday Arab Cup. 19/06/2012 12:00:00
Zico Promises a positive result and a wonderful performance tomorrow with Oman. 11/06/2012 16:29:00
Iraqi chess team wins over the Chinese team in the Asian Cup 19/05/2012 15:51:00
Nujeifi, Hammoud discuss hurdles in the way of Iraqi football 16/05/2012 17:14:00
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03/11/2013 21:19:00
BREAKING NEWS 2 Car bomb deactivated in Baquba, casualties of suicide attack increased up to one killed, 9 wounded
03/11/2013 21:14:00
Gunman killed, another wounded north Baghdad
03/11/2013 21:08:00
BREAKING NEWS 6 Persons wounded in a suicide attack in Baquba
03/11/2013 20:58:00
2 Suicide attackers driving 2 car bombs killed west of Mosul
03/11/2013 18:36:00
Jafari, Khuza'e discuss the political process
03/11/2013 18:08:00
BREAKING NEWS 26 Persons killed, wounded in 2 car bomb explosions in Talafar
03/11/2013 17:50:00
3 Border guardsmen wounded in western Anbar
03/11/2013 17:38:00
Tuesday official Holyday
03/11/2013 15:40:00
Kurdish security arrested two, planning to attack its building in Dohuk
03/11/2013 15:34:00
Parliament adjourns its session to tomorrow
03/11/2013 15:21:00
Army officer, an engineer killed in two incidents in Baghdad
03/11/2013 15:21:00
An employee in IHCE killed in Mosul
03/11/2013 13:54:00
Gunmen kill two brothers in Mosul
03/11/2013 13:16:00
Asadi meets with the head of U.N's mission in Iraq
03/11/2013 12:58:00
Urgent...Parliament resumes its open session
03/11/2013 12:31:00
Al-Hakim meets with Russian Ambassador in Iraq
03/11/2013 11:54:00
Kurdish MP: The election law needs consensus and will not be passed by the majority
03/11/2013 11:54:00
Nujaifi discuss with Arab Parliamentary Union's delegation, Syrian crisis and its effects on Iraq and the region
03/11/2013 11:27:00
Hakim, Amiri discuss latest developments on the Iraqi arena
03/11/2013 11:14:00
MP: It is only Iraqi people decide Maliki stay for a third term, not the U.S. administration
03/11/2013 11:13:00
Political blocs reach an agreement on the election law
02/11/2013 22:55:00
4 Civilians wounded north of Tikrit
02/11/2013 22:17:00
BREAKING NEWS 40 Suspected residents of Raweh district in western Anbar released
02/11/2013 20:47:00
Joint US-Iraq Communiqué issued at the end of Maliki's visit to Washington
02/11/2013 20:39:00
Casualties resulted from north of Tikrit car bomb explosion increased up to 43 killed, wounded
02/11/2013 19:07:00
BREAKING NEWS 3 Persons killed, 35 wounded in car bomb explosion north of Tikrit
02/11/2013 18:28:00
Sahwa leader killed north of Tikrit
02/11/2013 17:43:00
Obama affirm to Maliki the US support to Iraq according to the provisions of the Strategic Framework agreement .
02/11/2013 17:39:00
Obama affirm to Maliki the US support to Iraq according to the provisions of the Strategic Framework agreement.
02/11/2013 17:17:00
Three policemen injured, north of Baghdad.
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