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26 Sep 2013 - 07 Jun 2021
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What's The Monkey Cage?
The week in one song: ‘Rob Ford (Crack Remix)’
Crack is whack, especially for mayors of major North American cities.
By Christopher Federico|Canada|November 8
The more Americans know about the NSA, the less they like it (or vice versa)
Americans who know basic facts about the NSA are more likely to dislike it than those who are less knowledgeable.
By Henry Farrell|NSA|November 8
How to weather-proof our elections
Local election officials figured out how to help voters after Hurricane Sandy.
By Robert Stein|Elections|November 7
Research and Politics open for submissions
A new open access peer reviewed political science journal opens for submissions
By Erik Voeten|November 7
Can competitive elections decrease investment? Yes.
When elections are competitive, people hold off on making investments that would be costly to unload.
By Brandice Canes-Wrone and Jee-Kwang Park
Political Economy
November 7
Assad’s overlooked international crimes
Why calling out Assad's criminal behavior matters.
By Eamon Aloyo|Syria|November 6
Why Elizabeth Warren cares about funding the social sciences
Elizabeth Warren has been fighting for higher quality social science for decades
By Henry Farrell|NSF|November 6
4 takeaways for Democrats from Election Night 2013
Why last night's results may make it harder, not easier, for Democrats in 2014 and 2016.
By John Sides|Elections|November 6
How money talks in state legislatures
New research examines demonstrates the way money affects the legislative process across all 50 U.S. states.
By Lynda Powell|Campaign Finance|November 5
Our allies’ spooks don’t just spy on each other. They help each other change the law.
Alliances across different countries' spying agencies are probably more important than the disagreements between them.
By Henry Farrell|international security|November 5
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