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18 Nov 2012 - 15 Apr 2021
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Wonkblog: Health Care
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Congress says five D.C. residents enrolled in Obamacare. There’s more to the story.
When you dig into the numbers a bit further it turns out - as is true with most health policy issues - the issue is a bit more complicated.
Obamacare by the numbers
There's a lot of rhetoric going around about how the health law changes insurance markets. Here's a breakdown by the numbers.
VIDEO: Watch Obama (kinda, sorta) apologize to Americans’ losing their health plans
President Obama is offering an apology to Americans who have received insurance cancellation notices--sort of.
Uh-oh: Techies are finding new problems with HealthCare.gov
Tech workers are finding new capacity problems later in the application process -- ones that, up until now, they didn't know about.
Obama’s former exchange czar defends the insurance cancellations
"It's generally true that if you take the people who are a bad risk, and clean them out, those who are left get a good deal."
HealthCare.gov’s head tech guy is out
A Medicare official who oversaw HealthCare.gov's botched launch will leave the federal government for the private sector.
Inside the Obamacare War Room, HealthCare.gov’s launch was chaos
Most states aren't running exchanges. Internal memos show that's become a huge challenge for the health law.
Labor might have just gotten a pass on an Obamacare fee
The Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt some union plans from one of the law’s substantial taxes.
Cancellation notices and Obamacare, explained in two minutes
If you have 1 minute and 43 seconds to spare, we can help you understand. Really.
Five things we know about Obamacare’s shoppers
Obamacare shoppers' biggest roadblock isn't tech glitches. It's affordability concerns.
Want to keep people out of the hospital? Make sure they have a place to live.
In Chicago, it costs about $9,000 to house someone for a year in a plain but decent apartment. That’s less than the typical cost of one hospital stay. This $9,000 is hard to find.
Five myths about the Affordable Care Act
As the debate continues, let’s look at some of the most persistent myths about the law — and some new ones that have cropped up.
Thirty-one things we learned in HealthCare.gov’s first 31 days
An abbreviated guide to a very busy first month for Obamacare.
HealthCare.gov’s botched launch didn’t change public opinion: poll
Despite a very rocky first month, public opinion on the health care law did what its done for the past three years: Stayed exactly the same.
In first month, the vast majority of Obamacare sign-ups are in Medicaid
The first month of the new health law’s rollout reveals an unexpected pattern in several states: a crush of people applying for an expansion of Medicaid and a trickle of sign-ups for private insurance.
Obamacare’s launch looked even worse from the inside
Healthcare.gov had tallied exactly six successful enrollments by the morning of October 2, new documents released by the House Oversight Committee show.
Whom to blame for HealthCare.gov in one flowchart
There is all the finger pointing to go around on this one.
Sebelius said it would be illegal for her to buy Obamacare. That’s not quite right.
"She could purchase a plan on an exchange since she is lawfully present in the US and not incarcerated,"
‘We’re not getting that reliable data:’ The most important moment of the Sebelius hearing
"The system isn't functioning, so we're not getting that reliable data," Sebelius told legislators. That's huge.
This is why Obamacare is canceling some people’s insurance plans
Experts have estimated that somewhere between half and three-quarters of those who currently buy their own policies will not have the option to renew coverage this year.
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