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22 Apr 2011 - 01 May 2021
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Carolyn Hax
Carolyn Hax: Blaming victims vs. empowering them
Comics page
Carolyn Hax
A reader finds criticism of a popular book, “The Gift of Fear,” misguided.
Carolyn Hax: Seeking answers from uncertain boyfriend
Comics page
Carolyn Hax
A reader’s boyfriend wants a family and kids, but she isn’t sure if he wants them with her.
Carolyn Hax: Take back a friend who went silent for years?
Comics page
Carolyn Hax
A reader’s friend made contact after cutting off communications for five years. Can the friendship be revived?
Carolyn Hax: Carrying out a late mother’s wishes
Comics page
Carolyn Hax
Dividing the estate leaves a survivor wondering if some heirs aren’t showing proper thanks.
Carolyn Hax: How a bride-to-be can handle her mean mom
Comics page
Carolyn Hax
The answer: You can’t change her negativity, but you can learn to take away her power to ruin the big day.
Advice Columnists
In dire situations, the Heimlich maneuver works on dogs, too.Without a valid driver’s license, air travelers will need two separate forms of ID.Vinegar can erase a hard-water ring in a toilet.
Couple seeks funds to feather their nest, stressing the savings to non-guests of their non-wedding.Gentlemen may leave their hats on when traveling through lobbies and other transitional spaces.A Gentle Reader wonders whether parents should post some of their toddlers’ more embarrassing acts.Her in-laws are like The Lovers on “Saturday Night Live” — even in her wedding pictures!But in 1800s, a bride was a bride for a year, during which time she could wear her gown as an evening dress.
Town senior center director is a hothead and is alienating the seniors she’s supposed to serve.A reader is distrubed by parents who distinguish between biological and stepchildren in introductions.His good friend in Afghanistan saved lives. Now he’s separated from his wife and listed as a sex offender.
“Lifesaving” procedures are often just “death-delaying”; training a bilingual dog; a possible cure for asthma?What to feed a cat with high triglycerides; what triggers dry eyes in dogs; averse reactions to vaccines.Skunks are diggers, not climbers. A 5-foot-high fence can keep pets safe.
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@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)
When you don’t want to lean in
Karla L. Miller
Instead of turning down promotion opportunity, why not try turning it into what you want?
Family Almanac
How to help angry post-divorce sister and her children
How to help a sister very angry after a divorce, and her children who are the focus of her anger.
How to talk to teens about family finances
A single mom worries about telling teens about family finances.
How to help an in­cred­ibly shy son
Her 20-year-old son has never had a close friend. Marguerite Kelly offers this mom some advice.
Note to parents: It doesn’t get easier, ever
Tracy Grant
MOMSPEAK | In hoping the next stage of parenthood will be better, parents can miss the point of childhood.
When cheating on homework is okay
Tracy Grant
Harvard survey finds 42 percent of kids cheated on homework. What’s the big deal?
New school year’s resolution: Let teachers teach
Tracy Grant
This year, resolve to be a less meddlesome parent.
Date Lab
A language teacher meets a researcher
Will their date be all academic?
They’re attracted, but will politics get in the way?
She’s a bleeding-heart liberal; he’s middle-of-the-road
They share an unconventional outlook
Two women, one of whom is in a relationship. Where can it go from here?
Date Lab: In which Matt gets a second chance
He was rejected once. What will happen with his rematch?
They both like Nicki Minaj, so that’s a good start.
He’s outdoorsy, she’s a spelling whiz. They both like Nicki Minaj. But what about each other
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Carolyn Hax Live (Friday, November 15)
Carolyn Hax
Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax takes your questions and tackles your problems.
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  2. Carolyn Hax: Blaming victims vs. empowering them
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  4. How Jimmy Kimmel's China joke became an issue for the White House
  5. New York's incoming first family says it all with their hair
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