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Why my boys will never play football
Amy Joyce

Incognito is just the latest step in realizing football will not be a part of my kids’ sports lives.
Family Filmgoer reviews ‘Thor: The Dark World’
Jane Horwitz

Movie reviews with kids in mind. This week, the continuing ad­ven­ture of the Norse-god superhero.
Read this, not that: “The Line” vs. Zuckerberg’s “Dot”
Nora Krug

One book is clever and sparks a child’s imagination. The other does the opposite.
Boy with autism illustrates children’s book
Mari-Jane Williams

Karl Gabriel’s pictures featured in “Shine,” a book about letting your inner light come through.
Parents, stop worrying about a 4.0 in second grade
Tracy Grant

Parents can forget that grades aren’t the point of education; learning is.
How to help angry post-divorce sister and her children
Marguerite Kelly

How to help a sister very angry after a divorce, and her children who are the focus of her anger.
Fun things to do with kids this weekend
Ice skating, museum hopping, animal saving: it’s all on the docket for kids and their parents this weekend.
She writes the blog on parenting while chronically ill
Amy Joyce

This mom with a chronic disease works hard to be a parent, and to advocate for herself
Mathematical ability seems to be evident even in infancy
Lori Aratani and Amy Orndorff

Also, a new book relies on common experiences to explain scientific principles.
Family Filmgoer reviews ‘Free Birds’
Jane Horwitz and — Michael O’Sullivan

Movie reviews with kids in mind. Also reviewed this week: ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Last Vegas.’
Five things to do with kids this weekend.
Toss your pumpkin, make crafts among artwork, see a play. Many happenings with kids this weekend.
Handy Guide: Choosing a bottle for your baby
Mari-Jane Williams

With so many choices, it can be hard for new parents to know whether a basic model will suffice or they need all the bells and whistles of a higher-end bottle.
How to talk to teens about family finances
Marguerite Kelly

A single mom worries about telling teens about family finances.
Take the sexy out of Halloween; return the holiday to kids
Petula Dvorak

It’s time to speak up against how grown-ups have hijacked the holiday.
Gansler not responsible for others’ kids. Aren’t we all?
Amy Joyce

Doug Gansler argues he isn’t responsible for other people’s kids. Aren’t we all?
The Switch
Half of all babies use a computer or smartphone before age 2. Here’s why that’s bad.
Caitlin Dewey

A major pediatric association released strict guidelines on kids and media ... the same day as a new report detailing how much time young children spend online.
Why is it still so hard to diagnose ADHD?
Amanda Mascarelli

School personnel play a big role in diagnosing the disorder, but they may not be best equipped for the job.
Leave the mobile tracking out of trick-or-treat
Mari-Jane Williams

If parents are indeed keeping tabs on their kids on Halloween, we’ve reached a new low in helicopter era.
Family Filmgoer reviews ‘All Is Lost’ and more
Jane Horwitz

Movie reviews with kids in mind. This week, Robert Redford is stranded at sea in an unusual, mesmerizing film.
Fun things to do with kids this weekend
There is endless fun waiting for you and your kids this weekend, from a horse show to a costume symphony
Parenting advice: Help for raising children of all ages
Marguerite Kelly

Family Almanac columnist Marguerite Kelly discussed the ups and downs of parenting, and tips for helping children through challenging times.
How to help an in­cred­ibly shy son
Marguerite Kelly

Her 20-year-old son has never had a close friend. Marguerite Kelly offers this mom some advice.
Warrior moms fight Down Syndrome stereotypes
Mari-Jane Williams

Much to celebrate in Down Syndrome Awareness month, but moms find more work to be done
Saucy tradition: Tomatoes bind family
MaryLynn Haase and her husband, Greg, of Arlington, Va. spend their late summers cooking 750 pounds of tomatoes into sauce. The Fold's Whitney Leaming spends "sauce day" with the family and their friends to find out how, and why.
Should babies have breast milk at any cost?
Amy Joyce

Women are obtaining milk over the Internet. Are we pushing mothers too hard to feed babies breast milk?
Can physical activity help kids do better in school?
Jill U. Adams

Yes, studies say, they will test better. But whether being active helps them learn better is still unresolved.
Moms have favorites, and the preference lasts into old age
Max Ehrenfreund

A study suggests doctors and others should recognize this continuing favoritism as mothers grow older.
D.C. on best places to trick-or-treat list.
Amy Joyce

A new survey ranks Washington D.C. eighth best city to trick or treat. What are your traditions?
Carolyn Hax: Handling a divide over discipline
Carolyn Hax

A husband who believes in spanking and a wife who doesn’t: It’s time for a conversation and mutual respect.
Winning ideas for Halloween costumes
Queen Elizabeth I, a Rubik’s Cube and two funny optical illusions were among winners in this year’s contest.
Furlough also meant family time.
Amy Joyce

There were some positives to getting furloughed. Among them? Family time.
Let them eat candy
Samira Kawash

Parents shouldn’t fear the Halloween haul.
Family Filmgoer reviews ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and more
Jane Horwitz

Movie reviews with kids in mind. This week, a cinematic version of Shakespeare’s iconic love story.
Free tickets to new family movie “The Stream”
Mari-Jane Williams

The film follows five young friends on a journey to the mall to replace a Wiffle ball bat that a bully destroyed.
What’s the harm in Halloween candy?
Tracy Grant

Letting your kids have a treat or two won’t kill them — or make you a bad parent.
How to stop a toddler’s TV tantrums
Marguerite Kelly

Marguerite Kelly explores how to stop a toddler’s end-of-tv-tantrums.
How to get the most from parent-teacher conferences
Amy Joyce

What should you get out of a parent-teacher conference? Follow these tips and learn.
Furloughed federal workers feel pushed to the brink
Brigid Schulte

Some single mothers see cherished independence crumbling because of government shutdown.
No kids allowed at this restaurant, and it’s working.
Amy Joyce

Sushi Bar in Del Ray is a no-kids establishment, and it’s working.
Irregular bedtimes for kids can cause bad behavior
Linda Searing

Study finds that children who do not adhere to a regular bedtime act out more.
Looking for a good pumpkin? Try one of these 11 patches.
We give you 11 good pumpkin patches to try this season, now that the sun is out again.
Small study ties BPA to miscarriage risk
A small study found a possible link between BPA and miscarriage risk in women prone to fertility problems.
Guide to D.C. private schools helps parents choose right fit
Mari-Jane Williams

Ann Dolin’s book tells parents what to look for in a school, provides information about D.C. area options
Family Filmgoer reviews ‘Captain Phillips’ and more
Jane Horwitz

Movie reviews with kids in mind. This week, an intense drama about the hijacking of a container ship.
Moms are exhausted, but would we want it any other way?
Amy Joyce

A new study shows moms are more tired than dads. Would we change it if we could?
When a 3-year-old hits mom, what is she supposed to do?
Marguerite Kelly

A mother asks Maguerite Kelly what to do about her young son who hits and kicks her.
Family grocery shopping during the government shutdown
Mari-Jane Williams

Melissa d’Arabian shares her best ideas for pinching pennies on the family grocery budget.
Mothers more fatigued than fathers, but often happier
Brigid Schulte

Report finds that fragmented time and long, mental checklists add to fatigue, but that moms find work meaningful.
How can we help new mothers? Screen for postpartum depression.
Amy Joyce

Miriam Carey may have had postpartum depression. So do at least 14 percent of new moms. We need to help.
Shutdown-proof activities for families
Amy Joyce

Soccer is back on for kids whose field is shuttered. Plus, other options to get through a shutdown weekend
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