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20 Mar 2011 - 05 May 2021
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Q&A: Changing a diet after a prediabetes diagnosis
Research has revealed plenty about how a person with prediabetes should eat to remain diabetes-free as long as possible.
Hope Warshaw

It’s not all about sugar intake, says dietitian and diabetes educator Hope Warshaw.
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Q&A: Changing a diet after a prediabetes diagnosis
Hope Warshaw

It’s not all about sugar intake, says dietitian and diabetes educator Hope Warshaw.
Who knew? Mom was right about chicken soup
Casey Seidenberg

She told you it’s good for what ails you. There’s also an ounce of prevention in every bowl.
She puts the active in activist
Vicky Hallett

A runner who changed homeless people’s lives is now changing her own with a killer workout.
Running withdrawal puts marathoners on edge
Lenny Bernstein

Thousands of runners are winding down their training for the 38th running of Washington’s famous Marine Corps Marathon. It’s called “tapering” — the period before the big race when runners begin to sharply cut back on their mileage, resting their legs for the big day. Their bodies heal, but their nerves take a beating.
Pasta gets a healthful makeover with spaghetti squash
Elaine Gordon

As a stand-in for its namesake, spaghetti squash packs only about a quarter of the calories.
Smarter than the average party
Casey Seidenberg

How to make school parties more healthful, and yet still fun.
Probiotics love your guts
Gabriella Boston

The microorganisms called “the good bacteria” have a host of benefits.
Will eliminating gluten help you run faster?
Anna Medaris Miller

Even athletes without celiac disease are concluding that a gluten-free diet can boost their performance.
Fad diets come and go, and pounds come back
Hope Warshaw

If you don’t change your thinking, you’ll have a hard time maintaining your desired weight.
What matters in the long run
Lenny Bernstein

Runners whose times just miss the cut for the Boston Marathon say they understand why this year is different.
Area costume races to get you in the Halloween spirit
Kendra Nichols

Our list of races, witch’s hat and zombie makeup welcome.
Eat right, sleep tight
Casey Seidenberg

How to avoid stressing out your adrenal glands.
See Mommy run. Run, Mommy, run.
Vicky Hallett

New moms find a community in fitness programs that cater to them and their kids.
Americans are fat, stressed, and unhealthy
Howard Schneider

The World Economic Forum, sponsors of the exclusive, c-level talkfest held every year in Switzerland, knows what is wrong with Americans.
History behind ‘An Apple a Day’
Margaret Ely

When did humans coin the adage?
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