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29 Sep 2012 - 09 Apr 2014
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San Francisco Chronicle gives up ‘Redskins’
A San Francisco daily becomes the latest media outlet to bail on using the Redskins nickname.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|October 30
When Matt Williams’s grandpa played for the Senators
Matt Williams's grandpa played baseball in Washington. It was only for six games, but still.
By Dan Steinberg|Nats|October 25
John Feinstein and Gary Williams discuss wine in Calvert-Woodley circular
Legendary college basketball coach, legendary college basketball scribe talk wine. Feinstein reveals his nickname is "Chardonnay Boy."
By Dan Steinberg|Terps|October 22
Charles Krauthammer and George Will debate ‘Redskins’
Two conservative heavyweights take opposite side on the issue that might single-handedly cause one bloggers typing fingers to lock into grotesque twigs.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|October 15
Bob Costas explains his Redskins remarks
NBC broadcaster goes into more depth on why he talked about the Redskins name issue during halftime of the Redskins-Cowboys game.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|October 14
Dallas papers make Redskins shutdown jokes
Both Dallas-area daily newspapers led their sports sections with Redskins government shutdown jokes.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|October 14
Redskins in the black hole
Redskins media members, executives and fans posed with some of the freaks in Oakland. They looked funny.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|September 30
Loverro objects to incestuous Washington Post praise
Longtime radio host and local sports writer thinks The Post sports staff offers too much internal praise. I hate Rick Maese.
By Dan Steinberg|Media|September 26
Nine things about Skip Bayless
The ESPN host gave The Post's Rick Maese some bullet points about his life.
By Rick Maese|Media|September 24
Joe Gibbs on Tony Kornheiser
Redskins coach takes pains to tell an audience at his roast that Tony Kornheiser knows nothing about football.
By Dan Steinberg|Redskins|September 20
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