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05 Dec 2012 - 29 Aug 2014
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Morning Plum
Happy Hour Roundup
The Plum Line: Morning Plum
The Morning Plum: For Democrats, it’s gut check time
This isn't about Obama. It's about the policy.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 15
The Morning Plum: White House braces for terrible Obamacare enrollment numbers
But again: All that matters in the long run is whether the policy works.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 12
The Morning Plum: White House tries to stanch Obamacare bleeding
But the long term politics of Obamacare could still favor the Democrats.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 8
The Morning Plum: Labor blasts House Republicans over immigration
Is there any way to make individual GOP lawmakers pay a price for refusing to solve the country's problems?
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 7
Morning Plum: Virginia race not a referendum on Obamacare, after all
The health law may be on probation with many voters, but the GOP scorched earth opposition to it is just not a majority position.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 6
Morning Plum: Study suggests politics of Obamacare could shift against GOP
A new Kaiser study finds that 17 million Americans could qualify for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 5
The Morning Plum: A year after election debacle, GOP hasn’t changed a bit
The disastrous Obamacare rollout is allowing Republicans to paper over problems and internal conflicts that will imperil the party over the long term.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 4
The Morning Plum: Americans not ready to give up on Obamacare
A new poll finds more want to keep the law or expand it than want to "repeal and replace" or get rid of it entirely.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|November 1
The Morning Plum: The deficit is falling. In Washington, that doesn’t matter.
Democrats have leverage in the coming budget talks, too. They should act like it.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|October 31
Morning Plum: There’s only one way to win the war over Obamacare
Over time, the policy known as the Affordable Care Act has to work.
By Greg Sargent|Morning Plum|October 30
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