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12 Feb 2012 - 22 Sep 2015
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Issue #29, Summer 2013
Dead Center
Obama’s electoral wins and our shifting demographics portend a bright Democratic future. So why do centrists insist on fighting battles long won?
Jordan Michael Smith
Issue #25, Summer 2012
We Might Overcome
The stories of liberalism and radicalism are replete with great triumphs—and regular reminders of why the fight for change can be so exhausting.
Eric Rauchway
Issue #19, Winter 2011
The “More What, Less How” Government
First Principles: The Role of Government
Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer
Issue #18, Fall 2010
Advise and Dissent
History shows that dissent within the progressive ranks has been vital to advancing the liberal agenda. A response to Michael Tomasky.
David Dayen
Issue #17, Summer 2010
Toward an i-Welfare State
When will all the benefits of e-commerce come to e-government? A response to the previous issue’s symposium on liberalism.
James P. Pinkerton
Issue #16, Spring 2010
DMV Liberalism
Joe Klein
Issue #16, Spring 2010
Liberalism, Unwilling and Unable
Brad Carson
Issue #16, Spring 2010
A Time of Limits
William Galston
Issue #16, Spring 2010
Missing the Movement
Michael Walzer
Issue #16, Spring 2010
What Happened to Women?
Instead of moving to the center, liberalism should try embracing people who are actually liberals—starting with women.
Katha Pollitt
Issue #16, Spring 2010
Obama and Civic Idealism
Michael Sandel
Issue #15, Winter 2010
The Courage of Our Contradictions
A new liberalism must reflect not only on our permanent beliefs, but also on many Americans’ reservations about them. A response to E.J. Dionne, Jr.
William Galston
Issue #14, Fall 2009
Liberalism Lost and Found
Claiming the future means embracing the full complications of the past.
E.J. Dionne Jr.
Issue #13, Summer 2009
The Values That Didn’t Fail
The twentieth anniversary of the fall of communism serves as a reminder that liberalism makes the right kind of “regime change” possible.
Michael Tomasky
Issue #11, Winter 2009
Left Is Right
Bernard Henri-Levy may criticize the Left, but it is worth saving. A response to Nick Cohen.
Todd Gitlin
Issue #10, Fall 2008
Left Out
What the downfall of the European Left can teach American liberals.
Nick Cohen
Issue #7, Winter 2008
The Myths of McGovern
Thirty-five years later, what the 1972 campaign can—and can’t—teach liberals today.
Rick Perlstein
Issue #6, Fall 2007
Not Left for Dead
Why red scare attacks on liberalism are red herrings. A response to Fred Siegel.
Paul Starr
Issue #5, Summer 2007
Blinded by the Left
Liberals are at their best when they recognize the difference between themselves and radicalism. Too often in American history, they haven’t.
Fred Siegel
Issue #2, Fall 2006
The Right Fight
Why liberal internationalists are not neoconservatives. A response to Michael Lind’s review of “The Good Fight.”
Peter Beinart
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