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Uncertainty after Obama retreat
on health plans
Juliet Eilperin, Amy Goldstein and Lena H. Sun

His move to allow insurers to restore canceled health policies raises new questions, including whether millions would pay higher premiums.
Watch Obama's full speech
With vote set on GOP bill, Democrats face test of loyalty
Paul Kane and Jackie Kucinich
Those facing GOP criticism and reelection in 2014 must decide if they'll still follow Obama’s lead on health law.
Indian school children display posters of Tendulkar. (AP)
Goodbye, India’s ‘God of Cricket’
Annie Gowen
As Sachin Tendulkar retires this week after 24 years in the game, he leaves a legacy unmatched by any other player.
Goodbye to a cricket legend
Obamacare’s numerical opposition
Here are a few of the numbers behind the backlash of angry Republicans and a few Democrats.
Secret Service accused of sexual misconduct across 17 countries
Carol D. Leonnig and David Nakamaura

Senator says whistleblowers’ accounts contradict statements made by the agency’s leadership.
Schools play catch-up as
e-cigarettes catch on with teens
Donna St. George
As officials debate potential risks of the tobacco-free devices, they are seen in more hallways and lockers.
The 16 American cities that foreign governments warn tourists to avoid
Reid Wilson
GOVBEAT | Be wary at the Statue of Liberty, France says, and don’t visit Richmond “on foot.”
Goodbye, India’s ‘God of Cricket’
Annie Gowen
As Sachin Tendulkar retires this week after 24 years in the game, he leaves a legacy unmatched by any other player.
Goodbye to a cricket legend
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Build a Data Driven Smarter Workforce
Christopher A. Padilla, Vice President and IBM Governmental Programs
Companies that weave Big Data skills throughout their organization outperform competitors.
Obama’s political malpractice
Ruth Marcus

His broken promises and flubbed apologies are making things catastrophic.
A troubling ‘fix’
Editorial Board

Allowing insurers to restore canceled plans puts health-care marketplaces at risk.
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New camouflage for Army may be dropped, as Congress seeks uniformity
David A. Fahrenthold
Lawmakers want to save money, and the Army can’t hide the millions it has spent on new uniforms.
‘Yes, I would say we are lucky.
But our lives are terrible.’
Chico Harlan
For a Filipino couple in a post- typhoon existence, a small ferry becomes a respite from destruction.
Philippines aid effort picks up; thousands missing
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Bitcoins: Coming soon to a campaign near you?
Bitcoins: Coming soon to a campaign near you?
The numbers behind Obamacare opposition
North Carolina: A true swing state
To get reelected, Sen. Hagan needs to ______.
The many moods of Chris Christie
President Obama's lowest low
How Elizabeth Warren is winning the Internet
Obamacare's many political problems
Hawaii comes full circle on gay marriage
The president walks into a bar…
Editors’ Picks
Americans who gave up citizenship
PHOTOS | “The King and I” actor Yul Brynner is among many celebrities who left the blue passport behind.
Women who made a difference
PHOTOS | These women made a mark on the world this year, according to The Post’s She the People blog.
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Ashura, Philippines disaster relief, Mount Sinabung eruption, Golden Spike reenactment and more.
Goodbye, ‘God of Cricket’
As he retires after a 24-year career, India’s Sachin Tendulkar leaves a legacy unmatched by any other cricketer.
Saturn’s solar eclipse
A look at the ringed planet beamed back to Earth from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.
Typhoon Haiyan: Aerial views of the devastation
The storm caused massive destruction and claimed thousands of lives as it swept through the Philippines.
U.S. destroying more than six tons of ivory
Officials will use rock crushers to demolish confiscated tusks, carvings and jewelry to send an anti-poaching message.
From Grambling to Redskins and back
Legendary Redskins quarterback Doug Williams will try to find his next football path after being firing from his alma mater.
Typhoon Haiyan slams the Philippines
Thousands are feared dead after a massive storm lashes the archipelago with sustained winds exceeding 140 mph.
Animal views
Baby cheetahs, rhinoceros relocation in Kenya, an American mastodon fossil and more.
Obamacare is a terrible issue for Democrats. But, it won’t save Republicans.
Chris Cillizza
THE FIX | Why the President’s problems don’t solve the issues the 2012 election exposed for the GOP.
More Opinions
Afghan women’s gains are at risk
Laura Bush
As troops leave, the United States must not abandon humanitarian needs.
After 2nd nightmare morning on Red Line, Metro chief issues rare apology
Dana Hedgpeth and Lori Aratani

Richard Sarles posted an apology online after delays up to 40 minutes snarled the line again on Thursday.
Wizards’ frustration boils over
Michael Lee
With the Wizards off to another 2-6 start, Nene called out the team, saying he’s “getting tired of this.”
Yellen defends bank policies before Senate panel
Ylan Q. Mui

During her confirmation hearing, Janet Yellen says that the economy is “significantly stronger.”
Obama tries to focus on economy
Judge gives Google a win with book ruling
Timothy B. Lee
THE SWITCH | A judge has ruled that Google’s book-scanning project is legal under copyright’s fair use doctrine.
Egypt hosts top Russian officials, turning away from U.S.
Erin Cunningham
Rift over Morsi coup, suspension of military aid are reordering the longtime U.S.-Egyptian alliance.
Federal Government
FBI director sees cyberattacks emerging as a top threat
Greg Miller
James Comey testifies that the risk of a major terrorist attack has fallen but “is more dispersed geographically.”
A Q&A with Kid Fury and Crissle West of ‘The Read’
Soraya Nadia McDonald
The Web’s foulmouthed advice-givers chat about their pop-culture podcast, friendship and more.
Free Range on Food
Q&A TRANSCRIPT | How do pre-prepared items compare to buying and chopping yourself?
Mah Jongg
Klondike Solitaire
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