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30 Jul 2013 - 28 Nov 2022

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The NSA could figure out how many Americans it’s spying on. It just doesn’t want to.
The NSA says it can't estimate how many Americans are subject to location tracking. That's hard to believe.
By Timothy B. Lee|Surveillance|34 mins ago
There are two patent troll problems. The House bill only fixes one of them.
Patent reform legislation deals with abusive litigation tactics but not low-quality patents.
By Timothy B. Lee|Patents|4 hours ago
Captain Picard singing ‘Let it Snow’ is the geek’s holiday anthem
It's Patrick Stewart, in the perfect Trek-themed song for the season.
By Brian Fung|Nerd Culture|4 hours ago
The woman who got ticketed for driving with Google Glass says she’s not guilty. Here’s why.
The case could have major implications for wearable technology.
By Brian Fung|Google Glass|5 hours ago
The Switchboard: This video led to Aaron Swartz’s prosecution
Hotfile settles with Hollywood and House prepares for Thursday patent vote.
By Timothy B. Lee|The Switchboard|9 hours ago
The House is really worried about 3D printed guns. So it’s voted to ban them.
The exploding popularity of plastic weaponry has gotten lawmakers thinking about gun control.
By Brian Fung|3D Printing|December 3
Low-income countries might get drone deliveries before the U.S. Here’s why.
A startup aims to use drones to bypass impassable roads in low-income countries.
By Timothy B. Lee|Drones|December 3
Here’s what critics miss about Bitcoin’s long-term potential
Bitcoin looks pretty lame today, but the early Internet looked lame too
By Timothy B. Lee|Bitcoin|December 3
It’s 2013. Why are we still waiting in checkout lines?
We have the technology to solve the biggest bottleneck in retail.
By Brian Fung|Retail|December 3
The Switchboard: 23andMe obeys FDA and pulls its marketing
Microsoft has clearance to gobble up Nokia, and Huawei is abandoning the United States market.
By Brian Fung|The Switchboard|December 3
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