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Who Was Robert Levinson Working For?
J. Raimondo on a spy story with all the bells and whistles
America's Child Soldiers
Ann Jones on JROTC and the Militarizing of America
West's Policy on Syria Has Been Sunk
And nobody noticed, says Patrick Cockburn
Iran FM: Talks Continue Despite Sanctions
Process 'derailed but not dead'
Yemen Parliament Bans Drone Strikes
Pays $150,000 to victims of recent US strike
Israeli Ministers OK NGO Crackdown Bill
Attorney General notes its unconstitutional
Make Peace With Iran
Amb. Peter Jenkins on lifting the sanctions
Day of Deceit
Robert Stinnett on the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor
Nullify the NSA!
Turn their water off, says Michael Maharry
Updated December 16, 2013 - 3:46 PM EST
NSA Officials Consider Snowden Amnesty in Return for Documents



Yemen Govt Gives $150,000 and 100 Guns to Drone Victims' Families
West's Policy on Syria Has Just Been Sunk, and Nobody Noticed  by Patrick Cockburn
Americans Can Do Without Bogus Narratives on China Policy  by John Glaser
Reveal What US Torture Cost Us  by William Howard Taft IV
Who Was Levinson Working For?  by Justin Raimondo
America's Child Soldiers  by Ann Jones & Nick Turse
It's Not Isolationist for America to Mind Its Own Business  by Gene Healy
More Viewpoints
Why Neocons Can't Cut
by Jack Hunter
Hayden: NSA Programs Not Abused
The 6,000-Page Report on CIA Torture Has Now Been Suppressed for 1 Year
The Official Story: How NY Times Covers Yemen Drone Strikes
Al Jazeera America Doesn't Care About Its Low Ratings
Boston Police Dept's New Assault Rifles Raise Concern Over Militarization of Police
Thousands Protest 'Anti-Protest' Law in Spain
Spying on Iran
Foreign Minister Says No Trace in Iran of Missing Ex-FBI Agent
Kerry Comments Add to Mystery About Rogue CIA Agent Missing in Iran
'MI6 Agent' Was Spying on Iran Oil Shipping, Officials Claim
7 Days in Iran
McCain: Iran Sanctions Bill 'Very Likely'
The Plan to Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons
Syrian Opposition Vows to Help Prevent Journalists Being Kidnapped
First UN Aid Flight From Iraq Lands in Syria
Syria Refugees' Plight Worsened as Harsh Winter Storm Lashes Over-Packed Camps
Lebanon-Israel Border Shooting Sparks Tensions
Gunmen Attack Army in Lebanon's Sidon, Five Killed
Israeli Soldier Killed on Northern Border by Shots Fired From Lebanon
Israel, Palestinians Already Preparing Their Alibis if Talks Fail
Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Approaching Gaza Fence
Qatari-Funded Fuel Enters Gaza to Ease Power Crisis
Congress Leaves Town Without Passing Lobby Priority: Visa-Waiver Bill for Israelis
Middle East
Journalist Among 37 Killed in Iraq, 62 Wounded
Japanese Diplomat Stabbed in Yemen Kidnap Bid
Saudi Prince Criticizes Obama Administration, Citing Indecision in Mideast
Colombia's FARC Rebels Begin 30-Day Ceasefire
Michelle Bachelet Easily Regains Chile Presidency
No Bomb Found on Grounded Air France Airplane in Venezuela
Western Diplomats Will Likely Disappoint Ukraine's Protesters
European Union Suspends Talks With Ukraine Over Trade Deal
McCain Tells Ukraine Protesters: 'We Are Here to Support Your Just Cause'
Catalans Want Independence Referendum in 2014: Poll
Swedish Police Detain 28 After Neo-Nazi Attack
Merkel Announces Cabinet Posts in Grand Coalition
8 Killed in Roadside Bombings in Afghanistan
Last Australian Troops Leave Afghanistan's Uruzgan Province
North Korea
North Korean Execution 'Will Not Alter Trade Goals'
Kim's Aunt Appears Safe After Husband's Execution
China Bitterly Attacks Japanese Prime Minister Over Air Zone Remarks
China Focusing Graft Inquiry on Ex-Official
Pakistan: Shia Leader Shot Dead in Lahore
4 Dead in Renewed Violence in Bangladesh
US Embassy in Thailand Beefs Up Security
Libya Militia Says Oil Terminals to Remain Closed
EU Air Safety Officials Losing Patience With Libya
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Leader in Talks With Militias
Central African Republic Militias Seek President's Overthrow
Nigeria: 25 Boko Haram Suspects Killed in Military Raid
Mali Vote Turnout Weak Following Islamist Suicide Bombing
Kenya's 50th Independence Anniversary Marred by Attacks
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