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13 Jul 2013 - 5 Sep 2013
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Karbala football coach died
30/06/2013 08:37:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Karbala football coach, Mohammed Abbas has died this morning 30, June.

Semi-official, the Iraqiya TV channel announced that coach Mohammed Abbas died in Hussein hospital in Karbala. His funeral will be at Karbala Stadium at four o'clock this afternoon.

The coach Mohammed Abbas was clinically died, several days ago, after he and four other players from Karbala football, hit with batons by elements of the / SWAT / Forces at the end of a match between Karbala and the Air Force teams. / End

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Soccer National team leaves for South Korea to participate in a training camp.Zico invites 27 players to meet Japan next month.
The president of Iraq Mission to Olympic Games heads to London.Mway Tai National team up to Vietnam to participate in Asia champion.
Three medals for Iraq in Judo west Asia Championship in Jordan.Iraqi team heads to Jeddah and plays with Lebanon on Sunday Arab Cup.
Zico Promises a positive result and a wonderful performance tomorrow with Oman.Iraqi chess team wins over the Chinese team in the Asian Cup
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04/09/2013 23:00:00
Zebari, Davutoglu Review bilateral relations and means to surpass coolness
04/09/2013 22:53:00
Sahwa member, gunman killed, gunman, 2 Sahwa members wounded south of Tikrit
04/09/2013 22:47:00
4 Civilians wounded in southern Baghdad
04/09/2013 20:53:00
3 Sahwa members killed, 4 civilians wounded north of Tikrit
04/09/2013 20:04:00
Large quantity of explosives uncovered in northern Wasit
04/09/2013 18:36:00
Allawi stresses necessity to respect freedom of journalism
04/09/2013 17:20:00
Shaways discusses with Japan's Ambassador the potential impacts and repercussions of the Syria crisis on Iraq.
04/09/2013 16:59:00
Maliki poses an eight-point initiative to end the conflict in Syria.
04/09/2013 16:17:00
Sunni Waqf /endowment/ There is an organized campaign to kill and displace Sunnis in the south of Iraq.
04/09/2013 16:00:00
Sales of dollar rise on Wednesday auction.
04/09/2013 15:55:00
Arrest of 25 suspected in Kirkuk.
04/09/2013 15:49:00
Two soldiers wounded in Fallujah.
04/09/2013 14:45:00
Presidency of Kurdistan region calls for the participation of all Kurdish parties to protect / western Kurdistan.
04/09/2013 14:37:00
A policeman wounded east of Tikrit.
04/09/2013 14:19:00
Haider Mullah accuse some political blocs of blindly follow up Iran's policy.
04/09/2013 14:07:00
The arrest of al-Qaeda leading member near the Iraqi-Syrian border.
04/09/2013 13:43:00
Detonation of a house belonging to a police officer south of Falluja.
04/09/2013 13:01:00
Three Awakening elements killed, three others wounded in Ramadi
04/09/2013 12:57:00
Gunmen kill ten of two families south of Baghdad
04/09/2013 12:27:00
Eight wanted men arrested in Diyala
04/09/2013 12:14:00
Prominent aide to Izzat al-Duri arrested
04/09/2013 11:54:00
Moussawi: Maliki is to address a word on Syrian crisis
04/09/2013 11:29:00
MP: repealing the law of three presidencies is marginalization to the will of the people
04/09/2013 10:09:00
Five soldiers killed, seven injured north of Baghdad
04/09/2013 10:09:00
Five police killed, four civilians wounded west of Mosul
04/09/2013 10:01:00
Korean Company Hyundai is seeking to industrial investment in Wasit
04/09/2013 09:20:00
Yassin Majeed accuses Saudi Arabia of exporting death and destruction to Iraq
04/09/2013 08:46:00
INA discusses the political and security situation
03/09/2013 22:33:00
3 IEDs explode in Suwaira
03/09/2013 22:12:00
36 Killed, 128 wounded in 12 car bomb explosions in Baghdad
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