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05 Nov 2011 - 25 Oct 2012
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Iraqi soccer team defeated Singaporean team by 7-1 goal.29/02/2012 21:29:00
Baghdad/ NINA/-- Iraqi soccer team scored a great victory against his Singaporean counterpart by 7-1 in the final round of the third phase of the first Asian round qualifying group for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The first half of the match ende   ... more>>
Iraqi soccer team defeated Singapore by seven against one goal.
29/02/2012 18:41:00
Baghdad/ NINA/-- Iraqi soccer team won a great victory against his Singaporean counterpart by 7-1 in the final round of the third phase of the first Asian round qualifying group for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The first half of the match ended   ... more>>
Four countries announcing participation in the Table Tennis world championships in Sulaymaniyah.
06/02/2012 09:58:00
Baghdad/ NINA/--Four countries announced participating in the World Championship for the Cubs and young organized by Iraq for the period from 14 to 17 next March in Sulaymaniyah. The head of the Iraqi Central Table Tennis said to NINA : Countries   ... more>>
Four athletes participate in the Asian Youth Gym Championship in Thailand.
06/02/2012 09:41:00
Baghdad/ NINA/--Secretary general of the Iraqi Central gymnastics said : " Four athletes will represent Iraq to Asia Youth Championship of Gym to be held in Thailand in 18th next March. He added to NINA : " Iraq will attend the World Championshi   ... more>>
Seven Iraqi wrestlers participate in international tournament in Iran this month. 06/02/2012 09:41:00
Zico watches the Olympic football team match against Japan 30/01/2012 15:20:00
/14/ Iraqi wrestlers up to training camp in Morocco. 11/01/2012 13:00:00
Kadhim Al Saher performs at the closing ceremony of the Arab Games in Doha 19/12/2011 16:39:00
Olympic football team plays its Omani counterpart tomorrow on a friendly match 16/11/2011 16:26:00
BREAKING NEWS Iraq’s National Football team beats its Jordanian counterpart 15/11/2011 21:12:00
Zobae asks the government to exploit all potentials to get the national team get to the World Cup finals in Brazil 12/11/2011 15:48:00
Iraq’s National Football team beats its Chinese counterpart 11/11/2011 20:04:00
Iraq qualifies to Asian football finals for youth 31/10/2011 18:58:00
Arab Gulf states decide to move Gulf Cup for football from Basra to Bahrain 31/10/2011 15:36:00
Brazilian Football Confederation welcomes holding a friendly match with Iraq 30/10/2011 13:03:00
Iraqi national swimming team up to Doha to participate in international competition. 20/10/2011 11:02:00
Iraq beats China 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers 11/10/2011 17:34:00
Zico: FIFA’s decision to hold Iraqi matches outside Iraq will not affect the team 24/09/2011 14:23:00
Zico attends match in Al Shaab stadium 12/09/2011 14:45:00
BREAKING NEWS..Iraqi football team beats Singapore 2-0 06/09/2011 16:56:00
Zico starts coaching Iraqi football national team in Erbil 27/08/2011 18:01:00
Iraqi soccer national team and his Ugandan counterpart ,today, friendly game in Arbil . 26/08/2011 11:53:00
Esawi discusses allocations for the Ministry of Youth and Sport for 2012 25/08/2011 15:02:00
Iraq organizes Taekwondo championships of West Asian countries. 23/08/2011 10:35:00
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24/10/2012 22:11:00
Hakeem warns of deteriorating situation in the region
24/10/2012 21:34:00
Partial curfew imposed on Falluja
24/10/2012 20:49:00
Khuzai affirms to US Ambassador of the positive talks between political blocs
24/10/2012 20:39:00
14 Wanted captured in Anbar
24/10/2012 20:31:00
7 Nasr Establishment employees killed north of Baghdad
24/10/2012 20:21:00
BREAKING NEWS 5 Killed, wounded in car explodes in front of the house of Finance Minister's father
24/10/2012 20:15:00
10 Wanted arrested south of Tikrit
24/10/2012 19:56:00
BREAKING NEWS Car bomb explodes in front of the house of Finance Minister's father
24/10/2012 16:36:00
Jaafari discuss with U.S. Ambassador the overall developments of the political process in Iraq.
24/10/2012 15:34:00
Two policemen and a civilian wounded west of Mosul.
24/10/2012 15:24:00
Construction Minister, Looking with Brazilian ambassador bilateral cooperation.
24/10/2012 15:10:00
Breaking news. Maliki: Army forces redeployment must be free and any party entitled to object on .
24/10/2012 14:55:00
A soldier killed another one wounded northern Mosul.
24/10/2012 14:45:00
Zebari receives a copy of the credentials of the new Japanese ambassador to Iraq.
24/10/2012 14:34:00
Brahimi announces the approval of the Syrian government and the opposition to a cease-fire during Eid al-Adha days.
24/10/2012 14:25:00
A policeman and a civilian Killed and three people wounded east of Tikrit.
24/10/2012 14:23:00
Hanging to death of a terrorist in Kut.
24/10/2012 12:54:00
Saleh al-Mutlaq meets the new US ambassador in Baghdad.
24/10/2012 12:45:00
A policeman and civilian killed, three others wounded in Tikrit.
24/10/2012 12:38:00
14 wanted men arrested in Diyala.
24/10/2012 12:32:00
8 wanted men arrested in Tikrit.
24/10/2012 12:14:00
Zebari: the relationship between Iraq and UN is based on mutual respect.
24/10/2012 12:14:00
IED explodes in Diyala.
24/10/2012 11:38:00
5 wanted men arrested in Maysan.
24/10/2012 10:47:00
Police : Gunmen killed two soldiers and planted a bomb wounded three policemen.
24/10/2012 10:25:00
8 wanted men arrested in Mosul.
24/10/2012 10:25:00
MP/ Barzani's meeting with Kurd delegation will determine whether talks positive or not.
24/10/2012 09:47:00
Two civilians killed in Diyala.
24/10/2012 09:47:00
Labeed Abbawi meets an American official.
24/10/2012 09:10:00
Kurdistani MP calls the Iraqi government to reconsider its stand towards Iranian Mujahedeen organization.
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